Writing for Us

What Are We Interested In?

We are interested in your ideas, your articles, and your artwork.

In particular, we are interested in:

  • New rules options for RPGs
  • New source material (e.g. NPCs, creatures, spells, items, races and cultures, etc.)
  • New scenarios and settings
  • Advice for GMs and players
  • Rolemaster, Spacemaster, HARP, d20, MERP, and Lord of the Rings RPG articles are particularly welcomed
  • New rules and scenarios for wargames such as Silent Death
  • Deck-building advice and sample decks for collectible card games such as MECCG
  • Convention and tournament reports
  • Reviews of gaming products
  • New original fiction

What To Do Next?

Once you have an idea, write it up!

Submissions should be written in English. Please check your article for spelling and grammar.

Submissions should normally be either in plain ASCII text, in Word format, or in HTML format. Occasionally unusual articles require more exotic formats such as Excel spreadsheets but these should still have a short overview piece.

XHTML format is encouraged but authors should limit hypertext annotations to paragraph markers <p></p>, emphasisers such as <strong></strong>, <em></em>, and section dividers. It is the responsibility of our Technical Wizards to transform your article into our House Style and as one well-known author said:

"Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards for they are subtle and quick to anger"

Send your submissions by email to our General Editor. In the Subject line, include the words Guild Submission.

What Happens Next?

The General Editor reads your article and then sends it to the appropriate Section Editor, who then edits the article for spelling, grammar, and content. Minor changes will be performed by the Section Editor; for more substantial corrections and/or modifications, the Section Editor will email you to discuss his or her concerns with the articles. Once all changes and corrections have been made, the polished article will be sent to a Wizard for conversion into HTML. It will then be published in the next issue.

The whole process of submission, editing and htmling magic normally takes no more than one or two months.

What about Artwork?

We are interested in any type of artwork submitted to us. It must, however, be "decent and appropriate for public consumption". Please contact the Artwork Editor for our electronic artwork requirements. Do NOT send the Artwork Editor image attachments without prior arrangement.

Copyright and Compensation Information

As The Guild Companion is currently a free magazine, we do not provide monetary compensation to our contributors. Hence the copyright of any submission remains with the author or artist concerned. Nevertheless, in order to publish your contribution, we need you to grant us First Time Worldwide Serial Rights and provide us with your name and address. Note that granting us First Time Worldwide Serial Rights does not prevent you from later selling other rights such as Second Time Worldwide Rights, etc., to other publishers but you must inform them of prior publication with us.