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One of the societal constants of most fantasy settings is the monarchy as the most common form of government. Yes, it is subject to a lot of variations, for example in the types of person eligible to become the monarch, the succession system, and the division of power between the monarch and the nobility, but on the whole the similarities of these various monarchic states outweigh their differences. As most of the nations of Earth adopted this form of government at one time or another, significant parallels in the names of the positions within the governmental hierarchy developed. It is therefore useful for a referee to have a dictionary of these titles in the various languages from which he might be likely to create parallels for his own world. The tables below present the titles of nobility as they have come to exist in English, and their parallels in other languages. They were constructed by the author with assistance from members of the Rolemaster and MERP discussion lists on and were adapted from or confirmed by comparison with the List of Alternate Titles produced by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

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