In the Future

Source Material for Silent Death

Copyright Russ Miller 1998

Silent Death: The Next Millenium, is a time in the distant future where the Terran Star Empire has fallen into shambles, in part from civil war, but mostly due to the Grubs. The Grubs are an alien race that sit in hibernation, but because of the wilful violence of the Terran civil war they awoke and ravaged the core systems of the Star Empire. Humanity managed to survive the assault of the Grubs, but the hibernating Night Brood are an ever present threat to the survival of humanity. The war with the Grubs left the Star Empire in shambles, but from the remnants of the empire have emerged twelve new provincial governments. These new governments, known as the Twelve, struggle amongst themselves and with the lingering Grub presence in their efforts to rebuild their devastated homeworlds. In this universe, a pilot has to "Fly till you Die".

That is just a brief introduction into the world of the miniatures game of Silent Death. The universe is almost in a state of constant conflict with the Terrans struggling amongst themselves for resources and against the Grubs. It is the perfect place for the burgeoning admiral to command small fighter units, proving his prowess in combat, until that moment when their House gives them command of an entire fleet of ships. To assist the young commander, and the veteran, will come a series of articles, given to us by sources held secret in the worlds of Silent Death.

The Admirals Deck, the place where great men direct the symphony of war in the vast reaches of space. One may ask, "How can one man orchestrate all that firepower into a fine tool of destruction?". Well, unfortunately it is beyond us to mold every man into a great general, but we can describe the tactics that have made admirals great. We will disscuss such things as how the combination of speed and firepower can be combined with the long range strike of a torpedo salvo for devastating effect. Be patient and be prepared to study hard! While tactics can make or break an admiral, it is the ships that decide the war. The Shipyard, another stream of articles, promises to bring you those designs discarded by the Yoka-Shan Warworld and the templates made by renegade factions within the galaxy. The third series of articles which will appear in future issues of The Guild Companion will expand the reach of the Silent Death universe. We will discuss new options, new technologies, and new rules that can be incorporated into the Silent Death Universe. So, until then "Fly till you die!"