From the Cutting Room Floor:
The Essence Companion.

Copyright Rich Kirkland 1998
Paraphernalia of the Prognosticators

The following list of items was left out of the Essence Companion due to size considerations. Some of the items are very specialized, while others are just innovative uses sparked by the spells, rituals, and catalysts laid out in the Essence Companion. If anyone wishes to add new items to this list, please send e-mail and I will compile a new list of the best ideas and give credit to all contributors.

Item Cost Weight Size Days Notes
Abacus 15 sp 1 lb. 1'x1' 2 days
Alchemical Kit 5 gp 5 lb. - 10 days Includes case
Bell, Hand 5 bp 0.25 lbs - 5 days
Book, Blank 1 gp 3 lbs 1'x8" 8 days
Canteen 1 sp 1 lb. 1 pint 2 days
Catalyst Bracer 1 sp 1 lb. - 2 days Holds 3 catalysts
Catalyst Case, Small 1 bp 3 lbs - 1 day
Catalyst Case, Medium 4 bp 4 lbs - 1.5 days
Catalyst Case, Large 8 bp 6 lbs - 2 days
Circle Kit 5 bp 0.25 lbs - 0.5 days
Clip Broach 1 sp 0.1 lbs - 2 days Holds 1 catalyst
Clip Necklace 5 sp 0.25 lbs - 3 days Holds 5 catalysts
Colored Powder 1 sp 0.75 lbs - 1 day Includes vial
Compact Cooking Kit 5 sp 5 lbs - 4 days Includes case
Cosmetics 1bp - 5 sp - - Varies vastly
Counting Necklace 3 bp 0.5 lbs - 1 day 10 beads
Curing Salts 5 sp 10 lbs - 1 day
Dice (Pair) 1 bp - - 1 day Six sided
Disguise Kit 75 sp 4 lbs - 8 days Includes case
Dropper Vial 5 bp 1 lb. - 4 days
Fishing Net 6 bp 6 lbs 6'R 3 days
Fishing Pole 3 bp 0.5 lbs - 1 day
Flower Pot 2 bp 0.5 lbs - 2 days Holds small plant
Gardener's Kit 18 bp 9 lbs 1'x1' 6 days
Glass Beads 5 bp 0.5 lbs 100 beads 1 day Multi colored
Glass Cutter 2 sp 5 lbs - 2 days
Groom's Kit 15 bp 8 lbs 1'x1' 4 days
Hat Band 1 bp - - 1 day Holds 3 catalysts
Hourglass 35 sp 2 lbs - 6 days 1 hour
Incense 3 sp - - - Burns for 1 hour
Insect Netting 5 sp 5 lbs 10'x10' 3 days
Lodestone 1 sp 0.25 lbs - 1 day
Measuring Stick 1 bp 5-10 lbs 5' long 6 hours
Mineral Solution 1 gp 0.5 lbs pint 3 days Used for Crystals
Mirror, Silver 1 gp 0.5 lbs 3"x5" 3 days
Naphtha 10 gp 3 lbs - 5 days
Pendulum 1 cp. 0.25 lbs - 1 hour
Perfume 1 bp -1 gp - 3 oz. Varies
Pinwheel 3 bp - - 1 day Paper spinner
Pocket Vest 3 sp 4 lbs - 2 days
Poison Ring
Silver 1 gp - - 2 days
Gold 10 gp - - 2 days
Pouch, Large 1 bp 1 lb. - 0.25 days Holds 10 lbs
Pouch, Small 6 cp. 0.5 lbs - 0.25 days Holds 5 lbs
Preservative Oil 1 gp 2 lbs - 3 days
Prism 2 gp 0.25 lbs 3" long 3 days 1" triangle base
Satchel 1 bp 1 lb. - 1 day Holds 10 lbs
Scroll Case, Leather 1 bp 0.50 lbs 1'x1" 1 day Holds 10 sheets
Scroll Case, Metal 8 bp 0.75 lbs 1'x1" 1 day Holds 10 sheets
Sea Bag 3 sp 6 lbs 8 cu' 5 days
Sewing Kit 8 bp 0.75 lbs - 1 days
Sextant 4 gp 2 lbs - 15 days
Silk Cord 1 sp 0.25 lbs/ft 1' 3 days
Single-Spring Taps
Small 1 sp 3 lbs - 5 days Beaver Sized
Medium 2 sp 4 lbs - 6 days Wolf Sized
Large 4 sp 5 lbs - 7 days Bear Sized
Skinning Knife 1 sp 0.5 lbs - 1 days
Smoke Bomb 2 gp 0.25 lbs - 2 days 1000 cu' smoke
Spectacles 2 gp 0.1 lbs - 14 days Magnifies
Spyglass/Telescope 2 gp 1 lb. - 10 days
Tarot Cards 10 gp 1 lb. - 30 days
Thread, silk 1 bp - 10' 0.5 days
Tool Kit 2 gp 15 lbs - 15 days
Utility Belt 1 sp 2.5 lbs - 1 day
Vial, Ceramic 8 cp. 0.75 lbs 4 oz 2 days
Vial, Glass 1 bp 0.75 lbs 4 oz 1 day
Vial, Metal 3 bp 0.75 lbs 4 oz 1 day
Ward Kit 1 gp 1 lb. - 2 days
Waterproof Cloak 2 sp 4 lbs - 3 days
Whetstone 15 cp. 1 lb. - 1 day
Wire Snares 5 bp 0.1 lbs - 2 days
Abacus: A small wooden board with counting beads that slide on rods in specific digit places. Special +25 to Basic Math and Advanced Math.
Alchemical Kit: Compartmentalized field alchemy set. Heavily padded to prevent glass breakage even though most equipment is metal. Includes: 2 metal vials, 2 ceramic vials, mortar and pestle, tweezers, scalpel, 10 oz. of alcohol solution, 2 spoons, small pot, 3 small leather pouches, and vial dropper. Allows Alchemical operations to be performed without penalties for no equipment.
Bell, Hand: Brass hand bell with a wooden handle.
Book, Blank: Leather bound book with 50 blank pages. Locks cost extra.
Canteen: Sturdy, tin water container. Much more durable than a standard water skin. Has attaching leather case and strap for protection and ease of transport. Holds 1 pint.
Catalyst Bracer: Leather arm bracer with 3 small clips (or pockets) for containing a single dose of a catalyst.
Catalyst Cases: Catalyst cases provide an easy and organized method for keeping various catalysts in separate but easily accessible sections of the case. The case is watertight and buoyant for those who adventure abroad. A small case has 10 small pouches and 5 vial slots. A medium case has 20 small pouches and 8 vial slots. A large case has 35 small pouches and 12 vial slots.
Circle Kit: Simple circle drawing aide consisting of a spike, a cord with knots measured at every foot. Using this tool kit to create a circle can reduce the time required to draw a circle by 20%. Can only be used to draw circles up to 10'R. The inscriptions that accompany the circle must still be hand drawn.
Clip Broach: Simple broach with an exterior clip that can hold one herbal or corpus component.
Clip Necklace: Simple necklace with 5 clips that can hold one herbal or corpus component each.
Colored Powder: Colored powder that is poured onto a surface to form a circle or symbol. Comes in a vial with enough powder for up to a 10'R circle. May be recollected after use with only 25% loss of powder. Available in a variety of colors.
Compact Cooking Kit: Compartmentalized field cooking set. Small items store easily inside larger items. Set contains: 2 deep plates, 2 deep pans, pot with lid and handle, 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 knives. Convenient leather carrying case included. When stored, creating a package the size of a large pouch. Allows cooking rolls to be made without penalties.
Cosmetics: Prices on cosmetics vary tremendously. This just provides a range for assigning values to blushes, powders, dyes, and body paints.
Counting Necklace: A simple necklace with 10 wooden beads. Special +10 to Basic Math and Time Sense.
Curing Salts: Wooden cask filled with skin preservation chemicals. Chemicals cure animal skins, in preparation for use. Cask contains enough salt to cure 25 square feet of hide. Allows skinning rolls to be made without penalties.
Dice: Six sided dice used in games or possibly divination. Weighted dice cost extra.
Disguise Kit: Small cedar case (12"x8"x3') containing a varied selection of cosmetics and facial prosthetics. When utilized, the kit adds +10 to Disguise skill rolls and +10 to Ap bonus. Duration of the kits effects is highly dependent upon environmental factors. Kit contains enough cosmetics for 50 full applications. As cosmetics are depleted, the GM should remove the bonus due to lack of necessary components.
Dropper Vial: Small, steel vial lined with glass. Contains a screw top with dropper mechanism. Used with oil (for oiling hinges), acids (use on locks), or for mixing catalysts. Holds 25 ounces.
Fishing Net: A large fishing net, weighted at the edges and with a drawstring for snare closure, useful for catching aquatic life. Adds +15 to Foraging skill when used to catch fish.
Fishing Pole: A variable length pole with a length of string attached with a hook tied to the line. Adds +5 to Foraging skill when used to catch fish.
Flower Pot: Small clay flower pot with a hole in the bottom to allow water to drain.
Gardener's Kit: Small cloth bag containing: trowel, small rake, small hoe, and small shears.
Glass Beads: Small sack containing a random color and size assortment of 100 glass beads. Outstanding trade possibilities with easily fascinated primitives. Glass beads are commonly used to decorate hair and personal equipment.
Glass Cutter: Tool with an extremely hard tip used to scratch a pattern into glass. Pattern may then be snapped out of glass. Gives a +20 bonus when attempting to break glass quietly.
Groom's Kit: Small cloth bag containing: two brushes, a hoof pick, curry comb, main and tail comb, sweat scraper, 10 feet of colored yarn, braiding hook, sponge.
Hat Band: Simple strip of cloth used around the crown of a hat containing 3 loops for holding catalyst components.
Hourglass: Device for measuring time. Sturdy wooden construction. Measures exactly one hour (close enough). Often they are used in magic rituals and other spells where time is an important factor. +75 to time sense rolls.
Incense: Flavor may vary by local availability. Incense must be boiled in bowl or in some cases they can be bought in sticks that burn slowly.
Insect Netting: Light cotton netting which prevents the intrusion of insects and small animals. Cloth is flimsy and measures 10'x10'.
Lodestone: Used as a compass by the scholarly sect. Must be floated on a cork in a bowl of liquid to be used properly. Adds +50 to Direction Sense.
Measuring Stick: 5' long walking stick that is marked with lines at each foot and quarter foot. Provides accurate measurements when used properly.
Mineral Solution: A mineral concentrated solution used with the propagation of crystal seeds.
Mirror: Thin, highly polished, silver mirror. Measures 3'x5' and has a small hole in the upper end.
Naphtha: Fragile glass vials containing a chemical which when exposed to fire, explodes into flame and burns very fiercely. Equivalent to a -15 Fireball.
Pendulum: A simple weight tied to a cord. The pendulum can be used to assist in any estimate of the passage of time. Special bonus of +25 to Time Sense (only useful for periods of time under 10 minutes). May also be used in dowsing or divination.
Perfume: Perfumes will vary in cost with quality and local availability.
Pinwheel: A pinwheel is a paper model of the large wind mills. These may be used as toys for wealthy children, but most often are used as decorations in the gardens of the wealthy.
Pocket Vest: Simple vest with four front pockets. Each pocket has two compartments that can be used to separate components. Vest is waterproof.
Poison Ring: An ornate silver or gold ring containing a small compartment. Most common use for storage area is holding of poison prior to application. For best effects use only poison in powder or tablet form. Compartment is fully waterproof.
Pouch: Small leather pouch that attaches to a belt or backpack. Small pouches hold up to 5 lbs, while large pouches hold up to 10 lbs.
Preservative Oil: Used in the preservation of organic matter. Organic matter must be immersed in the preservative oil and sealed or alternatively saturated with oil and then embalmed in wax to preserve the organic matter for maximum time. This preservation method can even be used to keep blood from coagulating, though the dilution subtracts 2 from the level of the catalyst (minimum of 0).
Prism: A small glass prism 3 inches long with a 1" equilateral triangle base.
Satchel: Leather pouch with shoulder strap that can hold up to 10 lbs of material and can hold up to 1 cu' of material.
Scroll Case: Small cylinder (approximately 1'x1'), used for the storage and protection of various papers. Holds approximately 10 sheets. Fire and water proof. (Within reason). Metal cases provide greater protection.
Sea Bag: Medium-sized, water resistant duffel bag with drawstring or leather loops for a lock. Holds 8 cu' of gear.
Sea Chest: A large (2'x3') wooden chest that is airtight when closed and floats when carrying loads less than 85 pounds (and sealed). Simple locking mechanism included. Holds up to 4.5 cu'.
Sewing Kit: Small felt kit containing: 10 needles, 100' thread, 10' twine, and scissors. Required for mending clothing.
Sextant: An instrument which aids in navigation. Adds +50 to all navigation related rolls.
Silk Cord: Small light cord made from woven silk. Cord is very thin, but easily strong enough to support the weight of a fully grown man.
Single-Spring Traps: Typical steel-jawed trap. Traps are sprung by excess weight being placed upon the center lever. When sprung, the jaws clamp upon the offending member. A thick chain (suitably affixed) prevents the trapped quarry from fleeing with the trap. Trap is easily released by an intelligent being. Small Traps inflict a "B" Krush critical on target. A medium trap inflicts a "C" Krush critical. A large traps "D" Krush critical.
Skinning Knife: A small, very sharp knife, used primarily for the quick skinning of animals. The short blade is set perpendicular to the hilt. When held, the blade of the knife extends from between the fingers of a closed fist. The knife may be easily concealed. May be used as a -25 dagger. Adds +10 to skinning attempts.
Smoke Bomb: Smoke bomb is made of sulfur, charcoal, saltpeter and several other ingredients to create a flash and ten seconds of smoke (approximately 1000 cu' of thick, grey, white or black smoke) by breaking the glass container. Colored smoke is sometimes available.
Spectacles: Thick reading glasses that magnify objects close up. For glasses to accurately correct vision, requires a highly trained craftsman and physician, which is obviously rare and expensive.
Spyglass/Telescope: Small cylinder which usually aids in sight. When used, add +25 to distance observation rolls and +50 to astronomy rolls.
Tarot Cards: Consists of small felt pouch containing 78 (2"x4") cards. Each card depicts a scene which holds special meaning. One possible method of divination for related skills and spells. Adds +10 to divination attempts.
Thread, Silk: Used to mend silk clothing or in the use of certain rituals.
Tool Kit: Small, tightly-packed leather pouch containing numerous tools. Pouch rolls out to reveal: hammer, two chisels, file, crow bar, tongs, 20 nails, wood saw, hack saw, drill, 5 drill bits, 10' of 10 gauge wire, and 10' strong cord. Entire kit occupies very little space and is of a size of a large pouch.
Utility Belt: A wire reinforced weapon belt, with a hidden inner pouch. Holds 2 scabbards, 4 small pouches or 2 large pouches, and 4 rope (climbing) clasps.
Vial: Holds 4 ounces. Glass vials may be of any color but are subject to breakage. Steel vials are glass or ceramic lined and resist breakage.
Ward Kit: Consists of a set of 5 small shapes (cubes, caltrops, disks, nails, etc.) with a specific ward sign crafted in place. For use with the appropriate ward spells on the Warding Ways spell list. Constructed of low-steel. Carrying pouch included.
Waterproof Cloak: Large, hooded, sealskin cloak. Keeps wearer warm and dry in even the wettest weather. Cloak is very well made and is available in black, white, grey, or green.
Whetstone: Used for the care and upkeep of bladed weapons.
Wire Snares: A flexible and durable wire snare which may allow a +10 to Foraging (snare related) or Trap Building skills.