The Shapeshifter

Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell 1998
Lifestyle Training Package
The ultimate mimic, the Shapeshifter has studied the esoteric knowledge that can transform the body into alternate forms, whether those forms be plant, animal, humanoid race, legendary beast or a specific individual. What is less well-known is the Shapeshifter's power, with sufficient preparation, to adopt the personalities and abilities of the alternate forms.

Quote: Think like a bird. A bird does not see a county or a kingdom. A bird sees the sky, the earth and the water. You must let go of your human desires. You must become the bird in all aspects. For if your design contains too many flaws you will come to a great fall.

Time to train: Stat Gains: Starting Money:
150 months Memory normal + d10 (open-ended)
d5 Body patterns of plants (GM choice) 50
d5 Body patterns of landbound animals (GM choice) (not large carnivores) 50
A Body pattern of a landbound carnivore (GM choice) (e.g. wolf, tiger, lion) 40
Book (+10 to Flora Lore) 30
Book (+10 to Fauna Lore) 30
A Body pattern of an aquatic animal (GM choice) (e.g. dolphin, otter,fish) 30
A Body pattern of a flying creature (GM choice) (e.g. hawk, falcon, owl) 20
A bestiary (+10 to Monster Lore) 0

Artistic * Active 2 Outdoor * Environmental 1
Acting 2 choice of one skill 1
Mimicry 2 Subterfuge * Mechanics 1
Awareness * Searching 1 Disguise 1
Read Tracks 1 Subterfuge * Stealth 1
Tracking 1 Hiding 1
Lore * General 2 Stalking 1
Fauna Lore 2 Spells * Own Realm TP n/a
Flora Lore 2 Body Shifting spell list* 3
Monster Lore 2 Mind Shifting spell list* 3
Note: * These spell lists will be found in Mentalism Companion.

TP Cost by Profession.
This training package should cost 45 Development Points to purchase, regardless of profession.

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