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Home:Mirkwood, Maethelburg, Bereg Thumalos.
AKA:Captain of the Crimson Shield, Slayer of Thorkung the Small

StatRM StatsMERP Stats
Captain of the Crimson Shield, a mercenary company currently in the employ of the Prince of Calantir in Cardolan, Taurthalion was born to a well-to-do Woodman merchant in a backwater village on the eaves of Mirkwood. He soon represented his father's concerns in Maethelburg, where his Silvan name (the result of an obsession of his father's with the Folk of the Wood) earned him the nickname "Torch" following an unfortunate incident at a local tavern.
He soon became fast friends with several mercenary sorts who frequently visited the town. Dindal the Silvan ranger, Aldern the Eothrik assassin, Aradan (a veteran Gondorian soldier), Thuidimer (a mountaineer) and his wife Clarissa Belroe (who had an uncanny knack for gathering information), and Feando, a strange fellow who studied spirits and held great reverence for Mandos, the Summoner.
This group decided to travel north to the lands of the Gramuz in an attempt to find out why contact with this most northern of Anduin peoples had slowly been disappearing. Upon mounting the Gundalok Shelf, they were captured by the Yrch of Gundabad and imprisoned deep within the bowels of the mountain. Escaping with barely their lives, and with a new companion, Khuri the Dwarf, the companions returned to Maethelburg for a short time, then crossed the Hithaeglir into Eriador.
There they faced trouble in Rhudaur, where Aradan was lost to them, followed by an ill-fated foray into the Barrow-downs at the behest of a local noble. Hearing tell of trouble in Nothva Rhaglau, an isolated town in the Oilad, the motley group traveled there only to find the town in near-ruins. Thorkung the Small, a young and inexperienced dragon, had razed half of the town, in search of a fabled hoard there. While Taurthalion and his companions talked to the surviving folk, Thorkung attacked the town again. A fierce battle ensued, and though Khuri was slain, Taurthalion thrust a spear deep into the breast of the dragon, slaying it instantly. Thorkung swore a curse on him then, saying, "For each victory you earn, sorrow will strike you threefold. You shall live in joy and die in utter desolation." Taurthalion took a horn of the beast and with it had made a wand of great power. He took the hide of the beast and with it made a strong shield. He took the teeth of the beast, and with it made a fearsome necklace.
Skill(Rank) Bonus
Ambush(11) 52
Body Development156
Detect Traps52
Herb Lore43
Stunned Maneuver108
MA Strike(1) 71
MA Strike(2) 58
MA Strike(3) 51
MA Strike(4) 38
Military Organization39
Shield Bash33
TWC Mace/Shield43

They next traveled to Fornost Erain and enlisted for a time in the struggle against Angmar. By this time, Taurthalion had become the leader of the group, and soon outlined his vision for their future. They would travel to Cardolan, and gather together what men as they could to form a mercenary company. For a time, he planned, they could lead these men in battle for profit, and then retire on what money they could. So they traveled to Cardolan, and all went well with their plans. They founded a keep in the north of Feotar, near the Angle, and named it Bereg Thumalos. Naming themselves the Crimson Shield, they participated in the struggles in Cardolan, ultimately helping to bring down the Warlord's Realm. Emboldened by their successes, the Crimson Shield then struck deep into Rhudaur, being paid handsomely by the Canotar of Tharbad to rescue several key players in the current political games in Cardolan.
The Crimson Shield, however, found itself quickly overmatched. Thuidimer, Dindal, and Feando were killed in the Battle of Herubar Gular, but Taurthalion himself bested and took prisoner the enemy commander, who turned out to be a much-changed Aradan. Disconsolate at the loss of his friends, and confused at the continued belligerence of his refound companion, Taurthalion led the rag-tag remnants of the Crimson Shield back to Bereg Thumalos in defeat. Embittered, aging, and depressed, Taurthalion rarely takes the field, but when he does his foes quail at his desperate visage and wild mien. The curse of Thorkung is strong.
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