The Tutor

Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell 1998

Vocational Training Package
A stuffy pedagogue or an inspiring instructor, the Tutor will be responsible for providing private tuition to the children of the noble-born and the wealthy, in the subjects that form the traditional book learning of the culture, from basic literacy and numeracy, the arts to the natural sciences. Often their young charges will be more interested in martial studies and pay scant attention to their teachers, occasionally a pupil will show true interest and may gain uncommon knowledge as a reward.

Quote: I believe in the classic method of instruction. When you behave well and answer correctly, I will give you a cookie. If you behave badly, or answer incorrectly, I will give you the stick.

Time to Acquire: Stat Gains: Starting Money:
80 months None normal
1-5 books (+10 to specific lores) 50
Friends with local spell caster 40
Friends with a person of great learning 40
Access to a library 30
Friends with a library curator 30
Respected by past/current pupil (or family) 30
Secret knowledge 20
(about past/present pupil or pupil's family)
Former pupil now in position of importance 20
(will provide tutor with assistance)
1-5 books (+5 to specific lores) 0

Category or Skill
Communications 5 Lore * Obscure 1
skill in up to 3 languages 10(total) Choice of one skill 1
Influence 1 Science/Analytic * Basic 2
Teaching 1 Basic Math 2
Lore * General 4 Science/Analytic * Specialized n/a
Choice of one Culture skill 2 Advanced Math 2
Choice of one History skill 2
Philosophy or Religion 3
Choice of up to 2 skills 3(total)

TP Cost by Profession
Alchemist: Channeling29 Dabbler30 Magician29 Seer24
Alchemist: Essence27 Enchanter25 Mentalist29 Sorcerer29
Alchemist: Mentalism29 Fighter35 Monk33 Summoner29
Animist29 Healer29 Mystic25 Taoist Monk33
Arcanist29 Illusionist25 Mythic33 Thief35
Armsmaster33 Layman30 Paladin33 Warlock28
Astrologer25 Lay Healer29 Priest28 Warrior Mage33
Bard27 Mana Molder29 Ranger33 Warrior Monk35
Chaotic32 Magehunter33 Rogue35 Wizard29
Cleric29 Magent27 Runemage25 Zen Monk33

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