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From the Secret Files of Jean-Paul Querin

This information was recently pirated from the Xenologer's personal files!

The IID announced today that Jean-Paul Querin, the famed Xenologer, had committed acts of treason against the imperium. He was sentenced to death and executed at the time of his arrest. The specific treasonous acts that were committed have not yet been released. However, through one of the greatest hackers in known space, the entity known only as "Jane," we were able to recover this data from Dr. Querin's personal archives. This interview with a Yautja is unprecedented in many ways—read on:

We are the Gaun-Thwei Clan of the Yautja race. In the Human tongue, it would be translated as "NightBlood."

Our ways have not changed in more than four thousand years. The Hunt and Combat are powerful rituals, for they bind our culture together in Tradition. A Yautja must always hunt in accordance with the Code of Honor. One hunts to gain prestige and honor in our society.

There are a variety of weapons prescribed for hunting different prey. A Hunter wears armor in the hunt for two reasons: It is an established ritual, and has an amazing array of offensive and defensive capabilities. It is resistant to most weapons of the Soft Meat technology. It has a pack in the back which stores energy for the weapons, and has some necessary equipment, such as a "first-aid" kit.

The armor is composed of a mask, chest and back pieces, and outer-thigh and lower-leg protection, under which is a heated body mesh.


The Blooding (or Rite of Passage)

"Come forward, Youthful Warrior. Now is the time you ascend to the Stars. There to become one with your Honor, Unleash your power before our Race. Witness, will be our Elders to the Ancient Rite of Passage.

"The trail of honor has begun. The judgment of the Elders, alone you will face. Give your life to the Elders in disgrace. Take your life for the Elders with no fear—only Pride. In thought always keep; in action persevere, for your Honor and Tao will lead you to them. Honor that you earn is the only way you exist. With that Honor, you may hunt beside the Elders. You live for the Hunt. You Hunt for Honor."—thus begins the blooding.

This is the graduation of the Yautja. It always takes place on the first Hunt of the young Unblooded. About a dozen Unblooded goes with a veteran, usually one of the Honored, onto the hunting grounds for the first time. Depending on the difficulty of the Hunt the young are given certain standing in the community. On a difficult Hunt failure usually means death, either at the hands of the prey or by suicide; many consider death more Honorable than in failure in a Hunt. Should the hunters succeed, they are marked on their foreheads as one of the Blooded. Each Clan has a different insignia for the mark of the Blooded; usually they are symbols for ferocity or courage. It has been known that at least a half dozen humans have been blooded. This is looked down on by most of the Yautja community, and a hunter who "bloods" a human may be considered a "Bad Blood." Some of the Ancients who respect their human foes have approved of this action, and so far the "blooding" of humans is only considered eccentric, and not criminal. Some of the Yautja have special laser scalpels for the Blooded insignias, but blooding with acidic blood and other means of permanent marking is also common.

This is the Code of Honor for our race. It is the highest law of our kind, and something of a religious code. It is taken with the utmost seriousness, and one cannot even joke about breaking it. A false accusation of an Honor Code violation will get you torn limb from limb when the news of your desecration is made public. To break the Code is to stop being a Yautja, and to become something that is to be killed with as little consideration and honor as an illness carrying insect.

  1. Hunting Worthy Game:
  2. When hunting, the Hunter must be sure that his prey is considered game and lawful to kill. Sometimes the hunter will equal the odds (not using some weapons). Worthy game must fill the following criteria: Can defend itself and/or is able to kill the hunter himself, of age (killing children is considered the height of bad manners), not linked to other lives (so that removing the prey will not doom another, e.g. pregnant women) and unwilling to be hunted (what Honor in killing one who wants to die?).

  3. Failing in the Hunt:
  4. If the Hunter fails in his hunt he usually takes his own life, preferring to die than to live in shame. However, some cowards prefer to live in obscurity rather than die. This is considered to be dishonorable and suicide is then "assisted" by an Arbitrator.

  5. Claiming the Kill of Another Hunter:
  6. To take the trophy of another Yautja, living or dead, is considered to be a great insult. For example, two Unblooded go on their first hunt. One Yautja takes on a Black Death and both are mortally wounded. While the wounded hunter is dying, the other hunter conveniently finishes off the prey and claims the kill as his own, abandoning the wounded Yautja. This is the most embarrassing crime, and the hardest to prove.

  7. Murder of Another Yautja:
  8. To kill another Yautja intentionally. This excludes self-defense and killing a foe in a wrestling match to settle a dispute (see below). This is the worst crime.

  9. Never Harm the Innocent:
  10. Those who have done no harm should have no harm done to them.

  11. When Hunting for Food, Take only the Weak:
  12. This is to purify the species' line.

  13. When Coming upon Game Wounded by Another Hunter:
  14. ...and the animal is dying without sport, show honor to another's kill. If the game still shows sport, it is to be joint trophy.

  15. Do Not Join Another's Hunt:
  16. ...or hunt in their territory, without their permission. All trophies taken by this manner are stolen trophies, and shall be dealt with by the rightful owner.

  17. Those Who Defeat You in a Fair Hunt:
  18. ...and show you Mercy are to be considered our equals. You must either kill them and yourself, or treat them as an equal.

  19. Those Who Break the Code:

...are renegades, and no longer considered to be a Yautja. They are to be destroyed when encountered.

Most of these crimes are obvious, and are dealt with by an Arbitrator. He represents judge, jury, and executioner. They are usually an Honored one who has shown justified rulings before and there is no appeal for his decisions. There are a few subtle differences between the normal hunter and the Arbitrator.

Long before our kind discovered the Black Death, we regarded Humans as our most worthy prey. A few still are, but compared to the Black Death, hunting the Soft Meat is not as exciting as it had once been.

The Soft Meat's most worthy prey is their military forces. We've found Honor anew in hunting soldiers of their Colonial Marine forces. The Soft Meat's new advances in technology and weaponry have made them worthy game for years. But their most powerful asset is their intellect. A few have even outsmarted some of our best Hunters.

Now, a few Clan Leaders and Elders hold the Soft Meat almost as equals. Some have even been brash enough to mark a Soft Meat as a Hunter. Such practices were once looked down upon, but now it is so widely accepted by the Elders that it is only thought erratic, rather than dishonorable.

The Black Death, sometimes referred to as the "Hard Meat," are more-than-worthy prey for many reasons. They are the Finger of the Gods, pointing out the weak and undeserving. Only the greatest Warrior can defeat one in combat. The skull of a Black Death is a Hunter's prize trophy, and he is well respected among his peers. These are the different stages in a Black Death's life, from least Honorable kill to most.

This is an excerpt of the language of our race. We communicate in clicks and gurgles, but this is how the written words would be pronounced.

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