(and the history of the Emerian Empire)

A Shadow World Supplemental

Written By Terry Kevin Amthor

Reviewed by: Jay A. Howell, 1999

Welcome to a review of the first book (of many, I hope) that Terry K. Amthor brings to us from Eidolon Studios. When Terry announced that he would again be writing about Shadow World, I was overjoyed. When the Eidolon site was finally opened, I quickly checked out the schedule and timeline of the products planned for publication. With great anticipation I marked my calendar with all dates of impending publication, printed off the order forms, and sent Terry my advance orders. Time passes slowly for those mortals whom are forced to WAIT! Agony, Torture, Withdrawals…. I persevered!

Finally shipping day arrived! Terry greets us in his foreword: "Grab your Kynac and a fistful of Eidolon Gold notes, we’re going home." For those of us avid Shadow World fans, a sense of belonging we sorely missed has been returned to us, bringing a restful peace to our Kulthean spirits.

Opening this book, Terry reintroduces the Kulthean societies. He advises how the new Emer material may be integrated with the old Shadow World materials, then launches into his revised timeline for Emer. The depth of information in the History of Emer is worth the price of admission. A very good read, which this reviewer suggests be savored over many nights. The political maneuverings, hidden plots, and scheming are intense and never ending in this region of Emer. GMs should take notes from this section, since they can whirl their groups into unending (mis)adventures and (mis)fortunes.

The majority of the book is completely new material, never seen before. Each local city/state is discussed, with the same detail used in the Eidolon/Sel-Kai supplemental. Terry gives details for the resources, exports, and imports. More importantly, the detailed information on Racial origins, Political structure, Military structure, and Religious worship are included. Rounding out the Cultural summaries, we have Arts & Architecture, Currency, Languages spoken in the region, and Clothing.

To give Shadow World its especially unique flavor, Terry shows us numerous "Places of Interest" and "Other Powers" which can be encountered in this region of Emer. (Can the GM say: "quest/ adventure fodder?") Here is where Terry gives us a guided tour upon the Coral Road, warns us of the dangerous Ash Lairs, then sails us in for a close view of the ruins and the acropolis on Votania. He brings to light (and dark) the powerful organizations working behind the scenes. Listed amongst the powerful: The Changramai (detailed information on their training, skills, and levels of ability), the Eight Imperial Orders, the Secret Circle (Jerak Ahrenreth), the "Alliance" (contains information on their history and tactics) , the Amethyst League, and the Black Dawn. Two local deities; Kellus the Naiad, and Mynistra are also introduced to us.

Lastly, the included Adventures & Ideas, and the area maps make this book complete.

Pros/Cons: While the frequent typos are a small distraction, it’s by far out-weighed by the new detail which can be brought into our gaming sessions in Shadow World.

Terry has given us another Must have resource book for Shadow World. It belongs on the top shelf with the other great books of Shadow World, all of which (I note!) were written by Terry Amthor.

I raise my goblet of Danarchis Red and salute Amthor’s vision of Kulthea, the Shadow World. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m looking forward to a stimulating discussion on the finer points of ritualistic summoning with Shanarak. I wonder what my old friend Andraax is up to, I wish he would call me……..

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