Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


to the sixth issue of The Guild Companion.


We continue our foray into the world of reviewing this month with another three top gaming products, namely .. And a 10-foot Pole, Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Playing, Emer I Haestra, and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Looking ahead, we expect to review Nightmares of Mine, Citybook Haalkitaine, Emer II the Northeast, 7th Sea, GURPS Discworld, and GURPS Traveller over the course of the next few issues. There are also a number of products that have yet to be published such as VIOLENCE: the roleplaying game of egregious and repulsive bloodshed which we will be reviewing once we get our hands on them!

While we're talking about reviews, could any of our French readers who have knowledge of a game called "Polaris" or a game called "Bloodlust", please get in touch. These games are en-route to English translations and we'd like to get the inside scoop on the original games.

Affiliate Programs

As I write this, The Guild Companion is in the process of completing an affiliate program with Great Games, an on-line game store based in the UK. We'll be placing links on our site directly into their catalogue so that you can order products from them. In return they'll give us a small commission on every product sold by orders placed via our referring links. You get the books you want, they get your business, we get some cash to pay our bills and keep this magazine free!. Everybody wins.

That's great for our readers in the UK, Eire or Europe, but what about everybody else? We're also working on a similar program for North American readers. More news as it happens.


We'd like some more articles from you! This is a gamer's magazine, written by gamers for gamers, and your voices need to be heard. So start writing!

Farewell (for now ...)

Time for me to quit ranting and return you to this month's articles. Next issue will be published in AUGUST 1999 so until then,

Keep gaming and have fun!

Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor
Coauthor Mentalism Companion