Th' Bloomin' Crew

There are 111 Crew in 7th Sea: No Quarter--13 in each of the six factions and 33 unaligned Crew. This may seem a large number of cards to consider, so I have made an effort to identify common roles among the Crew and break them into groups, leaving a small number of the more unusual Crew more prominent. As with my classifications of the other cards, these are quick and dirty categories, meant to foster quick comprehension. I've included indications of each Crew's traits (as indicated by the spoiler I used from The Vestibule of Théah--with some correction) so the finer points are not lost. A legend of the symbols used is also included.

Every faction has a Captain & First Mate. And each faction seemed to have a total of 3 fundamental crew begging to be used either as dedicated sailors (i.e., tack-to-move) or gunners (tack-to-shoot), though the dominant skill varied from faction to faction. Since boarding attacks are such an important part of 7th Sea, it's not surprising to find that some Crew look like they'd best be used as boarders. Then, once you get past the nebbishes, there are less than half a dozen Crew remaining in each faction: the Brotherhood of the Coast, the Armada of Castille, the Crimson Rogers, the Explorers Society, the General of Montaigne, and the Sea Dogs. And less than a dozen remaining of the unaligned Crew.

Crew Rarity. As I mentioned, there are 13 crew aligned to each faction. Of these, one (the Captain) is of fixed rarity, appearing in starter decks. All factions then have 3 rare Crew, 4 common, and 5 uncommon. (According to the spoiler, the Crimson Rogers are an exception with 5 common and 4 uncommon Crew.) There are 8 rare, 10 common, and 15 uncommon unaligned Crew.

Other Crew Statistics. Most factions contain only 3 "Unique" Crew (the Brotherhood and Crimson Rogers, only 2)--Crew a given player may not have multiple copies of in play simultaneously. There are 2 Unique unaligned Crew. Most factions contain 5 "Loyal" Crew (the Brotherhood, only 3)--Crew which players of other factions may not use. Captains are never indicated as either Unique or Loyal, though one might effectively consider them as both, virtually raising both tallies by 1 in all cases.

Following is a breakdown of the Crew included in "No Quarter." I also give a summary by faction in my wrap-up on the following page.

Captains & First Mates

Captains (and their Ships) come in starter decks, while First Mate cards always comprise one of a faction's three rares. Like Captains, First Mates tend to be unusually well-rounded, and possess some thematic special ability complementary to their Captain's and faction's focus.

Note that in the table below, a Captain's Wealth (the total cost in Influence of his starting Crew) is shown, as Captains--always one of your starting cards--have no Influence cost. The parenthetical number in the Captains' Traits column indicates how many other members of the Captain's faction must be on board for the following special ability to take effect.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
AllendeBrotherhood 23534 F(9)HS2 (3)cheap adventures
AlesioBrotherhood 00241 R8QLF1M * move sea attachment
Enrique OrdunoCastillian 24335F(8)S3 (3)castillian boarding attacks +1 hit
Margaretta OrdunoCastillian 00224R7QLMS2 * +2 Sw if E.O. tacked
ReisCrimson Rogers 43324F(8)VS2 (4)+1 cannon all crew
Joern KeitelssonCrimson Rogers 22323R7QLM * +1 hand size
Guy McCormickExplorers 23543F(9)HS2 (3)retrieve item/artifact adventure
CosetteExplorers 23212R7QLHM * +1 all skills if artifact uncompleted
The GeneralMontaigne 22353F(10)S2 (3)crew max +2
Gerard Rois et ReinesMontaigne 12334R8QLHMS2 * montaignes absorb extra
Captain BerekSea Dogs 32244F(10)HS2 (3)draw extra if no one sunk
Bloody Bonnie McGeeSea Dogs 32334R8QMLHS2 * board after cannon

Gunners & Sailors

Most factions have a total of three "Topmen" and "Gunners." These traits are largely nominal, and the more poignant fact of these Crew is that they have substantial Cannon or Sailing skill. I have separated out the most clear-cut examples from each faction. The Montaignes were the only faction that moved me to make an exception (their low move cost means a good deal of the Montaignes are actually able to move their Ship), so they are represented by a fourth Crew member. The more substantial offerings in this arena (and in those following) by the unaligned Crew are also shown.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
Thom BrunnerBrotherhood 30102C4G
Denny LaBreeBrotherhood 03201C3T
William FoddBrotherhood 03201U4TC2
Padre EstebanCastillian 21002C3GY
Domingo Marten de AvilaCastillian 22013U5TN * +2Sa if castillian captain
Manuel DejavezCastillian 14002U4TB2
DomingoCrimson Rogers 30112U5G
Samuel SmittsCrimson Rogers 30002C4G * use C skill in boarding attack
JemyCrimson Rogers 03002C3THL * +2Sw def boarding attack, no att
Foul Weather JackExplorers 20111C3G * might discard each shuffle
Wee WillyExplorers 30101R5QGL * cannon attack might be +3
Maggie MaloneExplorers 03101C3TB1
Fierbas Desaix du PaixMontaigne 21022U6G * discard for +2 cannon
Louis Sices du SicesMontaigne 30023C5GH
Aimon Riché du PourisseMontaigne 02002C3TB2
Michel Rois et ReinesMontaigne 02022U3* discard sea attachments
Jimmy BassSea Dogs 30002U4G * +2 cannon if boarded this turn
Needle Nose NyeSea Dogs 13111C3* can't tack during boarding, just sink
Phelan ColeSea Dogs 23012U5T * cut ropes
Grimey StubbsUnaligned 40102R4QG * might sink after cannon attack
Mark ScarsUnaligned 40112R6G
Slippery SalUnaligned 20001U2VN * counts extra vs crew max
Grousin' GeorgeUnaligned 04002R4TV * not on H capt's ship
Li'll JimUnaligned 03101U3T
Solomon SailsUnaligned 03001U3A4


Some Crew are such good man-to-man fighters that they cause their opponent to discard cards when they start an attack, tilting the odds in their favor by reducing the other's options. Others have bonuses when fighting against bad guys, wackier abilities, or just simply have tremendous Swashbuckling.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
DonnaBrotherhood 10313R5QD2
Invar AnderssonBrotherhood 12202U4HS1
Sean McCorleyBrotherhood 10303U5HS1
Antonio AldonezCastillian 12204U5LHS1
Don DeannaCastillian 00213U5LVS1D1
Felipe Jose de GranjeroCastillian 01023R5QS2 * martyr
Andrei LevovichCrimson Rogers 10103C3* untack if boarded
Paule du PaixCrimson Rogers 10202U4* +2 Sw during boarding
Korintine NicolovichExplorers 12213R5Q * avoids sinking
BabetteMontaigne 00113U4S1 * dies but absorbs all if loses boarding attack
Angus McCloudSea Dogs 21213U6H * +3 hits in boarding vs V captain
William TossSea Dogs 01123C4
BurkeUnaligned 00204R4Q * -2 Sw in boarding vs V captain
Mountainous MikeUnaligned 01103U3D2
Thomas MetzgerUnaligned 20313U5* +1 hit with Punches
Wilhelm DünstUnaligned 00313R4HY * +2 Sw in boarding vs V captain


It's almost true to say that every faction has some chump Crew that's Loyal and can take No Attachments. Upon this foundation I've collected the "nebbish" classification. Often these "LN"s are not such terribly bad Crew, particularly given that they're well suited toward doing whatever their faction does (the Brotherhood's Buccaneers have good Adventuring, for example), though they are never outstanding Crew. As usual, though, there are a couple of exceptions: The Sea Dogs have someone who's not terribly wonderful, and who's Loyal, but without the No Attachments trait. And the Explorers and Castillians have, in addition to a pretty well-rounded "LN" Crew, someone just begging to be described as a nebbish.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
BuccaneersBrotherhood 10302C3LN
Luis de RiojaCastillian 00011C4* fetches sunk crew - by sinking
Sandoval's GuardCastillian 11103C3LN
Red ScarvesCrimson Rogers 21001C2LN
ArchæologistsExplorers 02212C3LN
Samuel SandersonExplorers 00112C3A2
Rosamonde du MontaigneMontaigne 00011C3LN * +3 to another's influence
Roger GaffrinSea Dogs 01011U5L * +1 Hit with Slashes
Blacktooth BillUnaligned 00101C1
BrutesUnaligned 00001C1NA2
Bully BoysUnaligned 00002C2NA2
Fancy DansUnaligned 00021C2N
Jens BjornUnaligned 00111U2
Leonard PinkertonUnaligned 00001U1* absorbs extra during boarding
Lucky LouUnaligned 00011U2* avoids sinking
Mad MarioUnaligned 20001U4* absorbs 3 extra when sinking
MarketeersUnaligned 00011C1N
Mr. SmytheUnaligned 20002U3H
Powder MonkeysUnaligned 10001C2N
RiggersUnaligned 02001C2NB1
ShellbacksUnaligned 00201C2N
Two-Toe TerranceUnaligned 01001C1N

Other Brotherhood Crew

The Brotherhood of the Coast are the game's most adventurous faction, just edging out the Explorers for having the highest average Adventuring skill. Where the Explorers seem to focus more on Artifact adventures in particular, the Brotherhood are good at getting Adventures in general. Only two Crew have an Adventuring skill of less than 2: Thom (the Gunner) and Jillison (who's likely too busy producing Influence or cancelling your opponent's tricks to bother). With reduced adventure costs (thanks to the Captain), this means about every Brotherhood Crew is able to single-handedly complete most adventures. With this in mind, the Brotherhood should have little trouble scooping up adventures about as fast as they can put them down, quickly enhancing the Crew with the Adventures' generous rewards. The Brotherhood's main weakness is that, while very Adventurous, their Crew aren't very well-endowed with Influence. Therefore, the Brotherhood are prone to be hampered, either by slow Crew accrual, or by having to fill precious deck slots with cards providing additional Influence.

Cute stuff. Special abilities found among Brotherhood crew is varied: one guy prevents sinking of "No Attachments" crew, another forces nearby enemies to tack a crew, and another can cancel "Weather" action cards (of which there are roughly a half-dozen, many useful enough to be likely encountered). The Brotherhood is also the only faction containing the Fate trait, allowing use of "Fate Knack" attachments. (There is another Fate-using crew, who is unaligned.) Aside from the two Crew, there are three "Fate" attachments: one to rearrange and/or discard the top 5 cards of your deck, one that allows you to absorb additional hits, and another that simply improves one's Fate skill.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
Fyodor ZastienchivyBrotherhood 01213U6LY * rescues "N"s
Jillison BrownBrotherhood 00121C3* 3 towards cancel costs
Reggie WilcoxBrotherhood 11202R5* tack nearby
VelikBrotherhood 22313U6H * cancel Weather

The Captain allows the player to ignore an adventure's preferred location (always granting the lower cost), while the first mate can move Sea Attachments nearer. Their Ship, The Hanged Man, can produce Adventuring.

Other Castillian Crew

The Armada of Castille is great with boarding, as their ships hold dang near the entire faction before needing any Hammocks. The higher move cost does make for some demands, though, and in order to truly exercise the advantage of a larger Crew, Castillian players must also lend some attention to Influence. Such matters resolved, if a laden Castillian ship manages to land a boarding, the opponent will soon learn what it's like to get into a fight where the only two people with a Swashbuckling as low as 2 are the Gunner and Topman!

Cute stuff. Castillians have an evil priest who causes someone's hit absorption to be ineffective, a guy who'll sink himself to retrieve sunk crew, and a guy who'll sink himself to absorb all Hits just to impress the first mate.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
Carlos AltenarCastillian 12012C3V
Padre AlfonsoCastillian 00132R4QLYV * cancel absorption
Rosa Maria de BarcinoCastillian 00323U4* +1 influence in La Boca

The Captain and mate's abilities are both boarding-centric. Their Ship, Corazon del Castille, produces a lot of Sailing, but only for initiating Boarding.

Other Crimson Roger Crew

The Crimson Rogers are all about cannon attacks: so much so that the Rogers are the sorriest bunch of sailors you ever saw, with only two Crew able to move the ship--and that includes the Captain! That just means the Rogers are likely to be slightly delayed in the quest to carry 4 friendly crew (for Reis's quintessential bonus) while recruiting non-Roger sailors or fetching Sailing adventures. The Rogers's Influence picture isn't the best, either, so some attention is needed in that area when building their deck for competitive speed. Nevertheless, the Crimson Rogers have a knack for quickly advancing on the firepower ladder (on which they start out topmost). After a couple of cannon-enhancing adventures, these rascals can, with one solid hit, tack an entire boat's Crew if them boys be unprepared, and then they be sittin' ducks!

Cute stuff. The Rogers have a guy who can cause cards others retrieve through some effect to be sunk instead, a gunner who carries his cannon with him when boarding, and a couple of rude individuals who murder friendly crew for temporary bonuses. And most everyone's a decent shot.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
Gerald HöhneCrimson Rogers 20101U4* slay crew for +3 Sw
Javier de BejaranoCrimson Rogers 00211R4LV * sink retrievals
Julius CaligariCrimson Rogers 10033U5V
Rafael de St. TheresaCrimson Rogers 10112C3* thrusts are +1 Hit
Riant GaucherCrimson Rogers 12222R6QV * tack, murder for +5 influence

The Captain causes his entire crew to have +1 cannon skill, and the first mate increases his player's hand size--more room for cannon attack reacts. Their Ship, The Crimson Roger, can produce Cannon.

Other Explorer Crew

No one gets excited about Artifact adventures like the Explorers do. (The Artifact adventures are the 5 unique adventures--one being cheaper in each Sea.) The Explorers Society is just a hair short of the Brotherhood in Adventuring skill, point-for-point, and have a goodly number of adventure-related abilities besides. Sadly, the Explorers are lost cases when it comes to firing a cannon or pulling out a sword for a fight. Therefore, their knack for artifact acquisition becomes more a means of survival: they need to get all the toys they can to keep them alive, since eventually every game is going to come down to cannon or boarding. (The only two Artifacts of specific utility are the Sails of Wind, which can move you an extra Sea, and Bjornsson's Horn, which can untack your entire crew in a boarding. The other three either let you draw, increase your hand size, or improve your Captain's skills.) Naturally the Explorer's strong Adventuring skills enable rapid improvement in these shortcomings. And very few Explorers are without some Influence, a very handy thing indeed.

Cute stuff. The Explorers have a guy who tacks to let you discard and draw a new card, a guy who lets you complete an Artifact adventure without it costing as an action, and another guy who creeps your ship closer to an Artifact adventure you just played. Meanwhile, the first mate's passable skills are all increased while an Artifact remains in play uncompleted, and your Captain can fetch Item/Artifact adventures from his deck or discard. As you can see, the best way to get bummed out over an Explorer deck is by not owning a heap of Artifact adventures to plop into your deck. Did I mention that all but one of the Artifact adventures were rare? (The fifth is uncommon, and is also included as a fixed card in Explorer starter decks.)

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
BrennanExplorers 00321U5L * discard to draw
Jacob FaustExplorers 10322U5LH * gets the jump on artifacts
Lord WindamshireExplorers 01321U4* hogs & redistributes influence adventures
The Calbury'sExplorers 00232U5* pursue artifacts!
Warren AbbotsfordExplorers 10102U4VI3 * might sink when inflicting

The Explorers' Ship, The Discovery, can produce Sailing--so in addition to a free move that is a "react," the Explorers can choose to use a free move as a full-fledged action. (The Ship would only impart a single extra move per turn, however.)

Other Montaigne Crew

It's hard not to think, when looking at the Montaignes, that their Crew are a little pricier than other factions'. And, in fact, they do just beat out the Sea Dogs for highest average cost of Crew. But, like the Sea Dogs, the Montaignes' ship is agile (with a move cost of only two) and has a low Crew Maximum, which somewhat ameliorates this condition. (In theory, anyway--the Montaignes' crew limit quickly becomes 8 unless not utilizing the Captain's ability.) Luckily, the Montaignes appear to also be the richest faction!

The Montaignes are an effort towards the strategy of agility. Their ship moves easily, and so while the Montaignes might not necessarily keep the initiative (determining who goes first in a turn), they can pretty easily control when and whether they engage an opponent. Just as there are several among the Montaigne able to move the ship, several have at least some small cannon skill, or the ability to tack and damage an opponent without actually creating a cannon attack (a la Magic's "Tims"). And Montaignes are no slouches when it comes to Swashbuckling, so clearly once a few Hits have been inflicted, the intention is to wipe out any enemies remaining with a well-timed boarding. Pulling off such a strategy, dependent as it is on several of your own Crew tacking, might prove a challenge in a multi-player game, however.

Cute stuff. The Montaignes have someone who can squeeze in an extra cannon attack the instant someone enters their Sea, someone who tacks to untack another Crew (read, "Captain"), and are the only faction possessing the Porté trait (there is another Crew with Porté, who is unaligned). Porté is one of the three forms of magic introduced in No Quarter: there are the two Crew able to use it, a card for defense during boardings, a card to tack someone, and another card that just increases Porté ability.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
Gilles Allais du CrieuxMontaigne 20223U5V
Isabeau Dubois du ArretMontaigne 02122C4LI1
Maureen LevequeMontaigne 21012U5* react with cannon attack if joined in Sea
PepinMontaigne 00001R6QL * untack crew
Timothy le BeauMontaigne 00022R7QLP1I1 * inflicts anywhere

The Captain increases the Crew Max above the suffocating 6, and the first mate improves the crew's ability to absorb Hits. Their Ship, Grenouille du Grâce, produces a little Influence.

Other Sea Dogs Crew

Quick as their ship is, the Sea Dogs make nimble sailors. And you don't have to read many of their Crew's abilities to realize the Sea Dogs badly want to combine cannon and boarding attacks to crush their opponent--not a bad idea, as a hit or two from cannon can serve to tack a good portion of an opponent's crew, leaving him wide open for decimation in a boarding. Such an interpretation is supported by the fact that, while most of the Sea Dogs' skills are middling, no faction carries more Sailing skill, and their Cannon skill is a close second to the Crimson Rogers, with no near third. The Sea Dogs, then, have earned their label from me as the most well-rounded faction.

Cute stuff. The Sea Dogs' Crew are filled with guys whose cannon attacks are enhanced if they've made a boarding this turn, and whose boarding attacks are enhanced if they've made a cannon attack this turn. The Sea Dogs are also the only faction with the Glamour trait (there is another crew who can use Glamour, who is unaligned), allowing the use of "Glamour Knack" attachments, one of the three types of magic yet in the game. Glamour has the two Crew able to use it, a card to enhance influence, a card to rescue Crew about to be sunk, and another card that simply improves Glamour skill.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
CeledoineSea Dogs 00021R6QLGm1 * discard for influence
Dorf KlinderhoffSea Dogs 12102R4QL * free vs crew max
Jack TarsSea Dogs 12002C4L * +2Sw in boarding if cannon attack this turn
"Lyin'" John FoxSea Dogs 22202C4* act after goods adventure
Tom ToblinSea Dogs 12112U5* items are cheaper

The Captain draws an extra card unless you sunk a Crew that turn, and the first mate can follow any cannon attack with a boarding attempt. Their Ship, The Black Dawn, can absorb Hits.

Other Unaligned Crew

We can see there are only a few Unaligned Crew left. There are three Crew good for little more more than the fact that they have a magical ability, and the rest are simply... average Crew who might be used to fill needed holes in a deck.

NameFaction CSaAISw Rar$Traits (Legend)
Arturo RodriguezUnaligned 12211R4H
Jack TradesUnaligned 22222R5H
LucreziaUnaligned 00101U3F1
Michael FitzhughUnaligned 11111U3VA1
OtiroUnaligned 10202U3
Phineas FlynnUnaligned 00002U3Gm1
Scott JayUnaligned 00403R6* discard for influence
SidneyUnaligned 01001U3P1
Vincent RochesterUnaligned 20102C3N


A(#)Absorbs extra Hits when tacking
B(#)Absorbs extra Hits when tacking, except during a boarding
C(#)Absorbs extra Hits from cannon attacks
D(#)Draws extra cards when making a boarding attack
F(#)Has the Fate trait, and so can use "Fate Knack" attachments
GHas the Gunner trait, which at this point means "Quick Reload" can untack him/her
Gm(#)Has the Glamour trait, and so can use "Glamour Knack" attachments
HHas the Heroic trait
I(#)May tack to inflict Hits on a ship in the same Sea
LHas the Loyal trait, and so will not sail with another faction
MHas the First Mate trait
NHas the No Attachments trait, so nothing may be attached
P#Has the Porté trait, and so can use "Porté Knack" attachments
QHas the Unique trait, so no player may have more than one copy of this card in play at a time. (Unique cards may still appear 3 in a deck, and players are not prevented from playing a Unique card if another player already has that card in play, or if any player has this card in their sunk pile.)
S(#)Has the Swordsman trait, and so does extra Hits during boardings
THas the Topman trait, which as this point means "Quick Sailing" can untack him/her
VHas the Villainous trait
YHas the Holy trait
*This indicates the end of symbols, before a special ability is described

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