Nightfall Games Joins Forces with Hogshead Publishing


26th October 1999

LONDON, ENGLAND: Nightfall Games and Hogshead Publishing are proud to announce a bright new future for SLA Industries -- or as bright as it ever gets in the World of Progress, anyway.

Under the terms of the agreement, signed October 23rd 1999, Hogshead becomes the exclusive publisher of the SLA Industries RPG worldwide. Nightfall Games will continue to develop the line, writing, designing and illustrating new sourcebooks and scenarios for SLA, which will then be published by Hogshead across the world.

The first Hogshead/Nightfall SLA release, for publication in February 2000, will be a reprint of the SLA Industries main rulebook, now sold out worldwide. "We're going to correct a few mistakes for this print run," says Tim Dedopulos, Publishing Director of Nightfall Games, "and patch up one or two silly errors. It won't be a new version of the game, though. Think of it as SLA 1.1." Also scheduled for full release at the same time are the long-awaited "Key of Delhyread" scenario and the "Karma" and "Mort" sourcebooks.

Hogshead Publishing are known internationally as purveyors of quality roleplaying games. In addition to their successful Warhammer FRP line, Hogshead also publish "New Style", a range of critically acclaimed games pushing the boundaries of Roleplaying. These include Greg Kostikyan's "Violence", "Puppet Land" and "PowerKill" by John Tynes, and the highly-acclaimed "Baron Munchausen" by James Wallis, Managing Director of Hogshead. "We're really excited to be publishing SLA," says Wallis. "It's a popular game, and we know it will do well. Like Warhammer, it captures the dark spirit of British gaming." Hogshead plan to release three to four SLA Industries products annually, spread across the year.

"We're going to produce new material a bit more effectively this time," Dave Allsop, creator of SLA Industries and Creative Director of Nightfall, agrees wryly. "We've got a lot of things we want to share with you..." "We'll be updating the website soon," adds Jared Earle, Design Director of Nightfall and, with Allsop, one of the original Nightfall Games partners. "We'll be a just a little bit busy producing loads of new material though, so please be patient with us a bit longer. We think you'll find it's worth the wait."

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