Military Terms and Slang

for Black Ops and Spacemaster

Copyright Glen E. Terry © 1999

Edited by Lowell R. Matthews for The Guild Companion

Editor's Note: Greetings, Black OpsTM and Spacemaster TM fans! Ever feel a need to talk like a real fighter pilot or bounty hunter? This article is just the thing for spicing up your vocabulary! Of course, these being military terms, profanity is frequent. The expletives have been deleted (!), but imagination should serve to fill in the blanks where necessary. Entries in Red are specific to the SpacemasterTM Universe or the author's campaign; entries in Green are also used in Twentieth Century America.

Author's Note: Here is the list of terminology that I am using in my Spacemaster/Blue Planet campaign. It actually grows every second or third game session. After three years of gaming, the list has gone from a page and a half of scribbled notes to the massive document you see here. Now when people ask me what the differences are between Anglaman and current-day English, I give them a copy of this report and say, "Here's your language lesson."

Editor's Note:

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