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Volume III

Copyright © 1999 By Lowell R. Matthews, Editor and Curator

Greetings, Rolemaster aficionados! Welcome to the third installment in the series of articles detailing new creatures for the Rolemaster (including RM2, RMSS, and RMFRP) bestiary. In this installment, we present a family of bigger nasties from the Great Beyond and the wonderfully warped imagination of your Curator.



Workers: (-)-(-)-7; Type V Entity; stand 6'–7' tall with 6'–7' tail; natural Darkvision; immune to stun.

Warriors: (-)-(-)-7; Type VI Entity; stand 7'–9' tall with 7'–9' tail; natural Darkvision; immune to stun; uses Large Creature critical tables; attacks do double damage.

Queens: (-)-(-)-8; Type VI+ Entity; stand 8'–9' tall with 8'–9' tail and 16'–20' soft, detachable ovipositor; natural Darkvision; immune to stun; uses Super-Large Creature critical tables; attacks do double damage.

The great earthquake that had harshly rocked the City of the Angels was weeks past, and the City was well on its road to recovery. More and more of its refugees returned, bringing with them others from the many towns of the Golden Land who had fared even worse. A measure of happiness returned with the reconstruction, yet something was wrong. Tales of mysterious, savage beasts—or was it knights in armor?—who carried off and devoured the unwary spread like wildfire. The voice of the people rose until the Lord Rir Dann could no longer ignore it. Therefore, he sought to snare two fish in one net. He ordered his greatest critic, Cock Rann, to lead a company of the City's finest warriors on a mission to lay the rumors to rest, one way or the other. Cock Rann swallowed the insult and resolved to turn the misadventure to his advantage as he led the column beyond the wall, into the eastern mountains.

Three weeks went by as the rebuilding continued. The tales of disappearances diminished, to be replaced by others of screams by day, but more by night. At daybreak on the twenty-first day, two pathetic figures limped out of the east. Cock Rann and his man-at-arms alone remained alive of his hundred-strong company. They were broken men, and their reports wandered often, yet came back to this: "The 'Nightmares of Xenar' have awakened to walk the world of Men again!" Listeners blanched as they offered proofs, a wickedly pointed, iron-hard bone they said had come from a nightmare's tail, and a gauntlet pitted and scarred by its blood.

Legends have now become real. The creatures called "Nightmares of Xenar" were just stories used to frighten children into obedience, until they began to reveal their presence to the waking world once more. From whence they came, no one now living can say, but it surely is a vast distance from the world of Men. May God have Mercy on the City of His Angels.

Xenaran social organization resembles that of ants and bees, or the Maazhat, in many ways. Individuals are assigned to one of the three main physical castes from birth, though whether by changes in genetics or early development scholars cannot say.

However, where the Maazhat are clearly related to the smaller insects, the biology of the Xenari blends features common to insects, reptiles, and mammals with something alien, or perhaps draconian. In shape, their bodies most resemble those of ostriches, kangaroos, or the bipedal dinosaurs, with heavy hind legs and balancing tails. Though they can be found in any environment, they prefer mountains, caves, forests, and other enclosed spaces in which their clinging claws give them great advantages in mobility.

The Xenari are worthy to be feared because they are covered from their oversized heads, with their multiple rows of teeth, to their enweaponed tails in plates hard as metal. Their senses are much keener than those of Humans are, especially at night. At the last, even wounding or killing Xenari is dangerous, for their blood burns like boiling acid (with appropriate criticals in case of contact). Their only known vulnerability is to fire; once ignited, they burn quickly. (Fire-based attacks inflict double concussion hits upon Xenari, and hits per round from such attacks are quadrupled.)

Workers are the lowest caste in Xenaran society, and the most numerous (about 75% of their total population). They are biologically female but sterile, except in rare cases of extreme societal duress. To them fall the normal tasks of Xenaran life, hunting, herding, building, and serving. Though relatively weak, their natural weaponry makes them more than a match for the average Human.

Warriors are the middle Xenaran caste in strength and numbers (about 20% of the population). They are biologically male, but sterile unless made fertile by some act of the Queen not presently known to Human scholarship. These are the Xenari most likely to be encountered as individuals away from their colonies. Their "Full Hide Plate" natural AT 12 protects as an AT 16 mail hauberk (use whichever value is more favorable for the Warrior), and they are so strong their attacks do double damage. They are able to make more than one attack per round, following the rules for multiple martial arts attacks, with cumulative penalties for each attack beyond the first (–30 on a single target or –20 on multiple targets). Most Warriors are capable of wiping out whole squads or decades of Human soldiers.

Queens rule the Xenaran colonies with iron teeth and talons. Typically, only one Queen serves the colony as both Sovereign and Mother of All, with the others serving as her courtiers and lieutenants—and potential successors. Through some ritual or ceremony unknown to outsiders, following a single violent mating, a Mother of All grows a long ovipositor from her abdomen with which she lays thousands upon thousands of eggs. Records of past encounters, however, indicate that this ovipositor is not a vital part of the Mother's body, for she can shed it with ease should the need arise. The armor, strength, and multiple attack capabilities of Queens match those of Warriors.


Base Rate Max Pace/ MN Bonus Speed MS/AQ Size/ Crit Hits AT (DB) # Enc. Treasure Bonus EP Outlook (IQ)
Worker 15G 80 Dash/40 VF/VF L/II@ 300F 12 (75) * * I Aggres. (IN)
    ATTACKS: 165 HBi/LCl/LHo (tail)
Warrior 20G 100 Dash/50 BF/BF L/LA@ 400F 16* (90) * * J Bellig. (AA)
    ATTACKS: 210 HBi/LCl/HHo (tail) (2D) (multiple attacks possible)
Queen 30G 100 Dash/50 BF/BF L/SL@ 500F 16* (100) * * L Domin. (VH)
    ATTACKS: 220 HBi/LCl/HHo (tail) (2D) (multiple attacks possible)
* Special.

Notes on Conversion to RMSS/RMFRP: The only changes to make here are the usual 10–20% increases to hits and OB.

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