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Character Data

Character's Date of Birth: 161 754 of Holden - (1)

Place of Birth: Waterdeep

Father: 462 714 of Holden Daniel Stone (60)

Mother: 547 720 of Holden Ezra Doring (54)

Siblings: Younger Brother: 346 756 of Holden (2) Canin (18)

Social Class: Lower Middle

Father's Profession: Gambler

Character History

  1. Inherit Neutral
  2. During a card game, Daniel was asked to accept a breastplate as part of the ante. Daniel accepts and wins the hand. Daniel, having no practical use for the breastplate stores it away in the loft; he might get some money for it further down the road.

  3. Involvement with underworld Positive
  4. Daniel was approached by the local underworld due to his uncanny luck at gambling. They suspected that he may be a mentalist and so proposed a business proposition; he joins the guild and gets well paid whilst the guild gets the use of his powers. This works out fine, although Daniel had an edge in most games of chance, he would often fall short of the mark and run up a sizeable tab. A tab that the guild would take over. Daniel served the guild by keeping tabs on people the guild was interested in as well checking them out.

    Although Daniel was a mentalist, he didn't know when to quit gambling. So, Ezra, in order to feed her children took on a job for herself as a cook at a well-to-do inn. This of course required a 'baby sitter' to look after the children, which the guild was happy to supply (in the form of bruisers). J

  5. Fire Positive
  6. Whilst working for the guild, Daniel uncovered an infiltrator. The guild was quick to deal with the matter, and the man's house was burnt to the ground, whilst he was inside. The discovery comes at the right moment as Daniel was starting to run up some sizeable debts, which were paid off due to his "work."

  7. Visit By Stranger Neutral
  8. A month after the unfortunate fire, some officers start asking questions. They were trying to trace Daniel's whereabouts prior to the event. Although nothing conclusive was discovered, Daniel (as well as the guild) are concerned as to how the connection (however tenuous) was drawn.

  9. Gain money Negative
  10. The guild, still a little nervous about the long running investigations, recommended that Daniel leave Waterdeep. The bruisers, having become fond of Dalin and Canin, have a little whip-round. Unfortunately the boys never see the money as Daniel used it pay off some debts outside the guild.

  11. Unusual Journey Neutral
  12. The past comes back to haunt the guild. An old friend of the man they killed three years ago, through information supplied by Daniel, came to Waterdeep to look deeper into the events. The guild believed there was more to this than meets the eye and told Daniel to leave for his own safety. Shortly after, Daniel (and family) arrived in the small town of Daggerford.

  13. Involvement With Supernatural Negative
  14. During the Dragonspear campaign the town of Daggerford was attacked. The attack itself was led by a demon from the Nine Hells. His presence near the town triggered Dalin's latent mentalist powers to the extent that he was aware of the demon's presence. Dalin alerted his father (who was now in the militia). The militia was thus alerted to the attack, which saved the town despite huge casualties. More unusually, Dalin got the demon's mind pattern imprinted in his mind. He later learned that the pattern could not be removed.

    Just after the battle, Daniel asked Dalin how he knew of the demon's presence. Dalin told him that he could just sense him. Daniel reached out with his powers and knew that Dalin also had the power of mentalism.

  15. Secret Discovered Neutral
  16. While Dalin was helping his mother with the spring cleaning, he discovered the breastplate his father had stored in the attic. By trying his developing abilities on the things in the attic, he discovered that the breastplate was magical.

  17. New Job Negative
  18. Daniel got Dalin a job at The Lady Luck Tavern, as his father decided he was old enough to earn a living. Shovelling horse manure was not Dalin's idea of a career.

  19. Involvement With Underworld Neutral
  20. When Dalin was given the chance to work with a travelling trader rather than work at the tavern, he jumped at the chance. The trader, who also dealt with the orcs (including restricted goods), brought Dalin in contact with one of the smaller clans and much to the surprise of Dalin, he managed to make friends with several.

  21. Recognition Positive
  22. At the age of 16, each member of Daggerford is required to join the militia, and Dalin was no exception to the rule. During one of his missions, patrolling the orc border, an orc party chasing a group of human bandits captured the patrol. Thankfully, for Dalin's patrol, one of the orcs knew Dalin and so the patrol is spared. The two teams joined up to track down the bandits. This strengthened relations between the orcs and the humans of Daggerford, and results in Dalin's promotion to Lance Corporal.

  23. Fire Negative
  24. One night a fire broke out at The Lady Luck Tavern. The townsfolk put the fire out before too much damage was done, although a young man, Mark Simms (a friend of Dalin's), is badly burned. The local priest, Liam Sunmist, was able to heal Mark, but he still bears the scars to this day.

  25. Sudden Change in Surroundings Negative
  26. Dalin left his parents' home and got his own house in Daggerford. At first Dalin loved the freedom of having own home, but soon discovered the reality of supporting himself on a militiaman's pay. It was no surprise that he ended up back with his parents.

  27. Job Promotion Negative
  28. A dwarven trader, Beren, arrived in Daggerford. He explained to the local authorities his wish to open trade negotiations with the orcish communities, however, due to his heritage he was at a distinct disadvantage. The town's authorities knowing of Dalin's good standing with the orcs assigned him to the dwarf caravan as a 'liaison' officer. Dalin spent the next six months on the orc border being driven to distraction by the uncompromising nature of the two factions, but still managed to ensure that war does not breakout.

  29. New Job Negative
  30. Shortly after arriving back in Daggerford, and hoping for some much-needed rest, Dalin was called into the captain's office. The captain explains that a new group of recruits, who recently lost a member, required (in the captains estimation) someone who knew the area and to generally keep them from blundering. The door then opened and a dwarf called Barenium Biermann entered...

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