Welcome to the Unlond Beaches

Copyright © 1999 by Nicolas Pizzonero

Characters Poll (10) :

Minor Items : Healing Herbs (2)

Wizards : Pallando (3)

Resources (30) :

Hazards (30) :


How to play it ?

The hazard play is easy to understand. The main thing to do is put Doors of Night in play. Once that is accomplished make sure to hold onto a Twilight, in order to keep Doors of Night in play, then Shadow of Mordor, Snowstorm and The Will of Sauron will do the job for you . The Wandering Eldar will help you to tap your opponent's characters, and then you can attack with your drakes. Don't forget to use Adunaphel to tap that last character standing. If you need to play more hazard than allowed by your hazard limit, use Daelomin at Home. If you can't tap all the characters, then throw a Snowstorm on the company and send them back to their site of origin, where they'll probably do nothing for the turn.

The resource part is perhaps more difficult to play and you'll want to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Your starting characters should be Círdan, Beregond, Hama, and two other characters from the characters pool. It is important that the other two characters chosen include at least one more sage and one scout, but two scouts is also a good choice of skills for these two characters.
  2. If you start with Círdan, put Glorfindel II in your deck. If your opponent plays Glorfindel II, put Aragorn II, Galadriel, or any other 3 MPs-character in your deck.
  3. Split your starting characters in two companies. The first company will contain Círdan and the two scouts/sages. The second company will contain Beregond and Hama.
  4. If you are lucky and draw Pallando in your starting hand, put him in play. He will replace Círdan in the first company.
  5. If you haven't drawn Pallando move the second company, Beregond and Hama, to Bree first.
  6. If you have already put Pallando into play, move Pallando, Círdan, and the other two characters in that company first. This company will go to the Grey Havens. Moving your Wizards company first will avoid giving your opponent an additional hazard draw from moving the smaller company. Hopefully, this will minimize the chance that your opponent has a great hazard to play on your Wizards company in the first turn. 
  7. At the end of your first turn, you must be in the position outlined below;
    a) Círdan, the two scouts/sages, and possibly Pallando at the Grey havens. It's not to late to put Pallando into play!
    b) Beregond and Hama at Bree.
  8. The second company will now stay at Bree. Their purpose for staying at Brees is to put the Noble Hounds and Bill the Pony into play.
  9. If Pallando is in play Círdan will stay at the Grey Havens, thus increasing your hand size to 10! The other benefit of keeping Círdan at the Grey Havens, is the ability to put the Elves of Lindon into play.
  10. If Pallando is not in play on the first turn, put him at the Grey Havens when you get the opportunity. It will then be up to Pallando to bring in the Elves of Lindon.
  11. Move the Pallando OR Círdan company to the Isle of the Ulond, and once they arrive at the Isle they will stay there until the end of the game.
  12. Use Bounty of the Hoard and Look More Closely Later to play multiple major items and Dreams of Lore at the site. The key to winning with this deck is that the Isle of Ulond allows you to play both major items and informations. Also, remember to use Not at Home and Concealments to avoid Earcaraxe's attacks.
  13. When you draw Glorfindel II, you should be able to put him in play under Pallando's direct influence if the wizard is at the Grey Havens. If you are near the end of the game, wait untill the last turn to play him.

At the end of the game, you should have the following MPs :

Characters 8/9 MPs

Círdan 3 MPs

Glorfindel II 3 MPs

Others 2/3 MPs

Items 12 MPs

Glamdring 2 MPs

Magical Harp 2 MPs

Hauberk of Bright Mail 2 MPs

Sword of Gondolin 2 MPs

Durin's Axe 2 MPs

Torque of Hues 2 MPs

Faction 2 MPs

Elves of Lindon 2 MPs

Allies 4 MPs

Noble Hound (x3) 3 MPs

Bill the Pony 1 MP

TOTAL 26/27 MPs


Weakness : The only true problem with this deck is that you only have one faction. You will not draw a lot of cards, so it is crucial to have Shadow of Mordor in play. You should also put additional Fell Winter, Long Winter and Foul Fumes in your sideboard and use them when you are able to discover your opponents strategy.

Enjoy playing with this deck, and you should be able to surprise your opponent with the Unlond Beaches.