Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


to the fifth issue of The Guild Companion, and it's good to be here.


This issue sees the start of our expansion into reviews as a regular feature of the magazine. This month, we're reviewing GURPS Who's Who I, Baldurs Gate, and Death in the Dark. Future issues will have reviews of ICE's latest products in the Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Playing lines, Terry Amthor's new Shadow World supplements, the cream of the new releases from various role-playing publishers, top computer games, and the best in miniatures and card games. If you have bought a gaming product recently and want to tell the world about it, get in touch with me.

Excel - too much of a good thing?

I'm torn between finding Excel an incredibly useful tool and a complete and utter pain. I've spent a significant portion of the past several weeks building characters for my Worlds at War playtest game for the Baroquon convention. It has been great for calculating skill ranks, stats, and totalling everything up, saving me a lot of tedious arithmetic and allowing me to spend my time creating the actual scenario.

On the flip side, trying to turn Excel spreadsheets into HTML articles for this issue has proven to be a real nightmare. With extreme cunning, Jay (our Wizard for RMSS), was able to compel the CEATS for RMSS spreadsheet to convert into a HTML document which can actually be printed on a single page. When the same tricks were employed on the character spreadsheet for the Dalin Stone article, half the content was lost in the conversion. Excel Workbooks just won't go quietly into HTML. We decided that the content of the Dalin Stone article was too good to lose and so you can download the character statistics in their unexpurgated Excel format in this issue.

Potential contributors should therefore avoid using fancy fonts and tricks when submitting articles in Word or Excel format. It just ties up our Wizards on impossible tasks. We don't mind simple Excel spreadsheets but avoid full-blown workbooks. Please.

Farewell (for now ...)

Time for me to quit ranting and return you to this month's articles. Next issue will be published in AUGUST 1999 so until then,

Keep gaming and have fun!

Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor
Coauthor Mentalism Companion