Training Packages for the People of Gondor

Copyright Joe Mandala 1999

Training packages are an effective means of providing extra depth to RMSS characters. With the advent of the Races and Cultures series of sourcebooks, training packages have been introduced that are specific to a particular race or culture, allowing characters to be created which truly belong within their given race or culture. In this article, I'll present three training packages representing a sampling of the vocations and lifestyles which are unique to the people of Gondor, and differentiate the inheritors of the Southern Realm in Exile from their cousins in Arnor and their sworn foes in Umbar and the South.

Editor's Note: This article is an entry from the continuing work on the upcoming Races & Cultures: Middle-Earth, courtesy of the author. This material is very much a "work in progress", and changes will occur between this and the final published form.