Infantryman of the King's Corps (V)

(Circa TA1640)

The King's Corps, formally founded in TA1643, makes up the bulk of Gondor's mobile military power. In turn, the largest portion of the Corps is comprised of heavily armored infantry, though the Knights of Dol Amroth and other companies provide cavalry support. Only soldiers (and more uncommonly sailors or marines) that have proven themselves able warriors are allowed to enlist in the Corps - the only exception being sons of prominent citizens of Gondor. Proud and highly skilled, the soldiers of the King's Corps are the prime instrument of Gondor's border defense in the mid Third Age.
See Southern Gondor: The People&#trade; for more information.

Time to Acquire: 84 months

Starting Money: normal + d10 (open-ended)

Parcel of land in southern Gondor 20
High quality armor (+10) 50
High quality weapon (+10) 50
Close friends w/officer 40
Ranking contact in King's Corps 40
Promotion 30
Promotion 30
Promotion 30
Medal for Bravery 0

Category or Skill
Weapon skill category (1-H edged) 3
Broadsword 3
Weapon skill category (pole-arms) 2
Spear 2
Armor-Medium category 3
Chain 3
Body development category n/a
Body Development 3
Lore-General category 1
Heraldry 1
Tech/Trade-Professional category n/a
Military Organization 1
Athletic-Endurance category 1
Distance running 1
Athletic-Gymnastic category 1
Climbing 1
Crafting category n/a
Choice of Cooking or Fire Starting 1
Outdoor-Environmental category 1
Weather Watching 1
Tech/Trade-General category 1
First Aid 1

Stat Gains: None.

Cost by Profession
Fighter 18
Thief 28
Rogue 23
Warrior Monk 30
Layman 25
Magician 40
Illusionist 40
Cleric 38
Animist 45
Mentalist 40
Arcanist 40
Essence Alchemist 40
Mentalism Alchemist 40
Lay Healer 35
Healer 40
Mystic 38
Sorcerer 38
Ranger 30
Paladin 20
Monk 35
Dabbler 35
Bard 30
Magent 32
Chaotic 40
Magehunter 30
Channeling Alchemist 40