Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


to the fourth issue of The Guild Companion, the ezine dedicated to supporting you in all aspects of your gaming life. Yes, that's right - the fourth issue, and it's only June! We promised that we would be moving to a monthly schedule in Issue 3, and we like to keep our promises, so here we are.

Highlights of Issue 4

You'll remember from Issue 3 that we introduced you to The World of Laernon with the first instalments of two new serials. In this issue, we continue with Leythan's Tale and introduce the writings of Doug Stich and Suzanne Beaulieu who bring their own unique perspectives to the Tales of Laernon.

Issue 4 sees the return of Laura Trauth to her pride of place in the Distaff Perspective. Laura was ill last month and indeed is still recovering, so it's great to have her back this issue.

After extremely heavy editing duties last month, Lowell has been able to return to his exploration of the World of Novi. Good to have him writing and editing again.

For the role-players amongst you, this issue sees the beginning of a three-part mini-series covering aspects of Bladelands, ICE's new gameworld, which can be run with or without Rolemaster. Look out for the second and third articles in our July and August issues!

For the card-gamers amongst you, we continue our series on mastering the Middle Earth Collectible Card Game with an article on hero deck construction. Novices and experts alike will find this article informative and challenging.

Convention Announcement

The British Role-Playing Society will be holding a Role-Playing Games Convention (Baroquon) in Cambridge (England) from the 16th to 18th July 1999. Guests of Honour include Mary Gentle, Colin Greenland and James Wallis (the latter runs Hogshead Publishing and hence Warhammer). A lot of games are planned, including a session of Run Out The Guns! and of Worlds at War (whatever that is!), both will be gamemastered by yours truly.

So if you're in the country in mid-July, then you should pay a visit to the Baroquon home page at http://www.philm.demon.co.uk/Baroquon/Main.html.

Submissions Wanted

We've said it before and we'll say it again. We're looking for good articles and artwork from you, and we are keen to see more Middle-Earth Role-Playing, Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game, and Silent Death: The New Millennium submissions. We are also extremely interested in publishing articles that can be used by ANY role-player in ANY system. And for those of you lucky enough to have already seen Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and who are feeling suitably inspired, we will be interested in gaming related articles on a Star Wars theme.

So if you have an idea, then click here to check out our contributor guidelines and get submitting!

Farewell (for now ...)

Time for me to quit ranting and for you to start enjoying the articles. Remember our next issue will be published in JULY 1999 so until then,

Keep gaming and have fun!

Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor
Coauthor Mentalism Companion