Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing

Leave your friends bleeding in the ditch...

Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing Is Here!

Iron Crown Enterprises proudly announces a new direction for its classic Rolemaster role playing system! This spring, the world will get hit with Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing... so hold on to your socks!

Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing Rule Book

The Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing rule book is the perfect way to begin your journey into the ultimate fantasy role playing experience. This sleek, 256-page hardbound volume contains all the necessary game rules and mechanics. No other books are required to start playing, but the additional support books will expand your fun and provide endless variety and excitement!

In addition to the Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing rule book, there are six core support titles. These books are the first step in exploring even further into the heart of Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing.

Arms Law

The leader of the core support books is the critically acclaimed Arms Law. Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing has combat power, and Arms Law gives you more: more weapons, more critical hit tables, more carnage for your game. With Arms Law, players and GMs will feel the battle rage around them and leave their foes bleeding in the ditch....

Three Volumes of Spell Law

The next core support products are the three Spell Law volumes: ...Of Channeling, ...Of Essence, and ...Of Mentalism. These concise books contain all the spells available in Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing--up to 50th level! Gamemasters will want to purchase all three Spell Law books, but players only need to purchase the book necessary for their character!

Character Law

Add the power of expanded character development to your game with Character Law. Character Law is the ultimate player's guide to Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing, giving dozens of new character professions and hundreds of new character options. Get the most out of your characters and feel the power of the Rolemaster system with this exciting core support book.

Gamemaster Law

The last book of the core support series is the highly acclaimed Gamemaster Law. This book explores the ins and outs and pitfalls of gamemastering compiled from some of the nation's top role playing GMs! In Gamemaster Law, you will find core gamemaster mechanics for supporting the Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing line. This includes a full-blown system for gamemasters to use in creating new, custom races for their worlds!

What about the Old Books?!

Fear not! This new version is NOT a new edition. The Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing system is 95% old Rolemaster, with minor improvements made as a direct result of 5 years of customer feedback. Thus, you won't need to replace your old Rolemaster books--you can continue to use them along side your new Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing. Overall, the goal of the new presentation is to make it much easier for new and old players alike to dive in and enjoy the premier fantasy role playing system available today!

To make the transition to Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing easier, here is a list of the new Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing core books and their previous Rolemaster versions:

So What About Other Support?

Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing will be supported just like the classic Rolemaster line. The first support book will be a new presentation of Creatures & Monsters. The old Rolemaster Companions will be returning with a new presentation, and much of the old support material that's been unavailable for a while will be reprinted. In addition, plenty of new support products for Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing are planned and will be announced in the near future!

Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing Tentative Titles for 1999


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