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Dindal - A Lord Of Middle Earth

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Level: 8
Race: Silvan
Profession: Ranger
Home: Mirkwood, Bereg Thumalos
AKA the Healing Hound, the Crimson Arrow

Stat RM Stats MERP Stats
St 65 65
Qu 95  
Em 62  
In 90 90
Pr 90 90
Ag 93 93
Co 90 90
Me 92  
Re 92 92
SD 99  
Ap 90 90

Relatively young (for an Elf), Dindal was born in T.A. 1558 to parents in a reclusive band of Silvan Elves living in Mirkwood. As a child he lived an idyllic life, learning the ways of his people. The growth of the Shadow in Dol Guldur, however, brought his family's happiness to an end. On an early Spring evening in T.A. 1591, a marauding band of Orcs attacked the village (situated around 80 miles south of the Old Dwarven Road), killing many of the Elves, and driving the rest northward to join Thranduil's people in the Woodland Realm. Dindal was lost to his kinsmen, and wandered despondent and heartbroken through Mirkwood. His sister had died, gasping, in his arms.
He eventually emerged from the forest near Maethelburg, and began to learn the healing arts from the Northman shamans nearby. His pain was still very strong, and his silent nature and stealthy stride earned him the respect of a local Woodman merchant, Taurthalion, whose father's obsession with the Forest Folk led the merchant to become friends with Dindal. When Taurthalion decided to lead an expedition northward into Gundalok to assay trading possibilities with the disappearing Gramuz, Dindal accompanied him and his motley party of adventurers. This was to be the beginning of a long and perilous road.
During their travels to Gundabad's prison warrens, the depths of Moria, the trackless wilderness of Rhudaur, and the war-torn fields of Cardolan, Dindal honed his skills as a healer and an archer, and many were saved by his arts.

Skill (Rank) Bonus
Longsword 76
Longbow 91
Body Development 80
Channeling 39
Climb 40
Swim 51
Stalk/Hide 81
Perception 70
Ride 66
Herb Lore 42
First Aid 67
Stunned Maneuver 50
Tracking 46
Read Tracks 46
Signalling (birdcalls) 45
Poison Lore 37
Diagnostics 33
Camouflage 35
Second Aid 50

Accepting Taurthalion's leadership in a mercenary company, The Crimson Shield, Dindal led the bowry, and taught many men his skills in archery. Alone of the companies of the Crimson Shield, Dindal's archers for the most part survived the disastrous Battle of Herubar Gular in T.A. 1644, and now make up the bulk of the defense of Bereg Thumalos (the home of the Crimson Shield). His friendship with Taurthalion has grown stronger over the years, but the fell and terrible moods which seem to be overtaking the Captain (Taurthalion) are straining their relationship. The loss of the majority of the other Companions has stricken Dindal with a familiar old despair, tough he hides it from those around him. Dindal yearns for more healing knowledge, and may soon leave Bereg Thumalos in search of a Master from which to learn.

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Dindal's Spells: 24 PPs