The World of Novi


Part III - Beyond the world

Lowell R. Matthews, © 1991-1999

The lands and seas of Novi and its nations are only part of the World of Novi, the part that its ordinary inhabitants can see and feel. Now let us look at some of its features beyond the ordinary. The following selected entries from the Encyclopedia of Novi chiefly describe the Erani, the Powers who rule Nature as servants of ON the Creator, and the Eranimari, the planes of reality in which the Erani make their homes.

Erani: "The Powers," the divine beings who rule Nature, nominally subject to On the Creator.
Annon: The Power of Death and the Judge of Souls.
Alignment: N (NE).
Symbol: a white skull or a lantern and a scythe.
Colors: Black and white.
Holy Days: Solstices and funerals.
EH Seat: Londell.
Husband and brother of Kristine.
Ariella: The Power of the Earth. Also called the Earth Mother.
Alignment: N (NG).
Symbol: The sacred White Doe.
Colors: Green and white.
Holy Days: Solstices, equinoxes, and Tuesdays.
EH Seat: Elarven.
Sister of Tarsis, Hydrus, and Jenelle.
Arisa: The Power of Wisdom and the Forces of Light, and Queen of the Powers. Also called the Great Lady, the White Lady, and the Guardian of Light.
Alignment: NG.
Symbol: A white dove.
Colors: White, silver, and purple.
Holy Days: Spring and Fall Festivals, Sundays.
EH Seat: Almaden.
Sister of Valkorath, wife of Tarsis.
Arkan the Smith: The Power of Skills and the Crafts. Also called the Guardian of Craftsmen.
Alignment: LG.
Symbol: A hammer and an anvil, or a hammer and a cogwheel, or a beaver.
Colors: Orange, black, white, brown, etc.
Holy Days: Guild days, Sundays.
EH Seat: Grindenhold.
Son of Valkorath and Jenelle, husband of Tianna, eleventh Noeran.
Atredus the Soul-Forger: The Power of Law and the Deserts. Also called the Lord of Discipline and the Two-Edged Destroyer.
Alignment: LN (special).
Symbol: The desert hawk.
Colors: Brown and yellow.
Holy Days: Rains, solstices.
EH Seat: Al Atredin.
Son of Jenelle in male incarnation and Ariella, sixth Noeran. Atredus appears to have good tendencies to his worshippers but evil tendencies to those who fear him.
Basold the Seer: The Power of Time and Fate. Also called the Doomsman, Lord of Time, and Guardian of the Holy Halls.
Alignment: N.
Symbol: An hourglass or a sundial.
Colors: Gray and black, gold jewelry.
Holy Days: New Sun, the first day of each month.
EH Seat: Ost-en-Ambar.
Son of Annon and Kristine, eighth Noeran.
Calerani: "The Nature Powers," Ariella, Hydrus, Jenelle, and Tarsis, offspring of the First Creation.
Celestra: The Power of the Moon. Also called the Guardian of the Night and the Mistress of Illusion.
Alignment: CG.
Symbol: A silver crescent.
Colors: silver (white) and midnight blue.
Holy Days: Full moon, Mondays.
EH Seat: Mintakyo.
Daughter of Tarsis and Ariella (before Arisa), second Noerana.
Hadrak the Law-Giver: The Power of Law, Justice, and Vengeance.
Alignment: LG (LN).
Symbol: Gold sword and balances.
Colors: Black and white.
Holy Days: Fridays.
EH Seat: Margand.
Son of Tarsis and Arisa, fifteenth Noeran.
Hydrus: The Power of the Waters. Also called Lord of the Seas.
Alignment: CG (CN).
Symbol: A leaping dolphin (the mammal), a crested wave, or an albatross.
Colors: Blue, white, and green.
Holy Days: Any return to port, Thursdays.
EH Seat: Taranlonde.
Brother of Tarsis, Ariella, and Jenelle.
Jenelle: The Power of Fire. Also called Mistress of Flame, Passion, and Love.
Alignment: N (CG).
Symbol: A tongue of flame or a red-haired woman.
Colors: Red and gold.
Holy Days: The summer solstice and Fridays.
EH Seat: Paraven.
Sister of Tarsis, Ariella, and Hydrus.
Jeron the Reveler: The Power of the Vices. Also called the Master of Rogues, Lord of Thieves, Lord of Lust, Lord of Stealth, and Master of Chaos.
Alignment: CN.
Symbol: A leaping panther, or a bunch of grapes.
Colors: Purple and white.
Holy Days: The wine harvest and Mondays.
EH Seat: Jeronsbury.
Son of Hydrus and Jenelle, twin brother of Michelle, fifth Noeran.
Korthak the Ravager: The Power of War. Also called the Swordsman.
Alignment: CE.
Symbol: A red sword.
Colors: Blood-red and steel-gray.
Holy Days: Equinoxes and Thursdays.
EH Seat: Korthagorod.
Son of the Rape of Arisa by Valkorath, twin brother of Sonya, thirteenth Noeran.
Kriserani: "The Powers of Life," Annon and Kristine, offspring of the Second Creation.
Kristine: The Power of Life (or New Life). Also called the Lady of Youth, Guardian of Children and the Innocent, and Patron of Physicians and Midwives.
Alignment: NG (N).
Symbol: A shepherd's crook or a haloed infant girl.
Colors: White, pale blue, pink, and gold.
Holy Days: The winter solstice and any birth.
EH Seat: Londell.
Wife and sister of Annon.
Michelle the Amorous: The Power of Love. Also called Mistress of Eroticism and the Sensuous.
Alignment: N.
Symbol: A rose or a nude blonde woman.
Colors: Red, yellow, and
Holy Days: Full moon, Fridays.
EH Seat: Micharon.
Daughter of Hydrus and Jenelle, twin sister of Jeron, fourth Noerana.
Mikhail the Valorous: The Power of Strength. Also called Lord of Prowess and the Glorious.
Alignment: N.
Symbol: A clenched fist or a white mace.
Colors: White, red, and green.
Holy Days: Saturdays and Sundays.
EH Seat: Alvaron.
Son of Annon and Kristine, ninth Noeran.
Noerani: "The Second Powers", the sixteen Powers who are the metaphysical descendants of the eight primary Powers of the Three Creations.
Rathanerani: "The Rebel Powers" against On the Creator, Korthak, Tharan, and especially Valkorath. At times, the natures of Jeron, Michelle, Mikhail, Sirene, and others conflict with the will of On as well, but their fates are not yet sealed.
Rhiana the Huntress: The Power of the Forests and Games. Also called the Guardian of the Trees and the Mistress of Challenge.
Alignment: CG (N).
Symbol: An oak tree and a golden arrow, or a golden eagle.
Colors: Forest green, gold, and brown.
Holy Days: Equinoxes and Tuesdays.
EH Seat: Ost-en-Gael.
Daughter of Hydrus and Ariella, third Noerana.
Before the coming of Life Rhiana delighted most in games and challenges, then afterwards she fell in love with the trees, mightiest of living things.
Savanerani: "The Powers of Knowledge-Awareness-Intelligence-Wisdom", Arisa and Valkorath, offspring of the Third Creation.
Shaya: The Power of the Sun. Also called the Bright Lady or the Lady of Light.
Alignment: LG (N).
Symbol: A gold rayed disk, or a phoenix or sun hawk.
Colors: Gold, with red, sky-blue, and white as lesser colors.
Holy Days: Solstices, equinoxes, Sundays.
EH Seat: Mintakyo.
Daughter of Tarsis and Jenelle (before Arisa), first Noerana.
Sirene the Sorceress: The Power of Magic. Also called the Lady of Enchantments.
Alignment: N.
Symbol: A bat or a pentacle, or one of many different magical creatures.
Colors: Black, white, gray, and gold.
Holy Days: Solstices, equinoxes, and astral conjunctions.
EH Seat: Alvaron.
Daughter of Annon and Kristine, tenth Noerana.
Sirene is associated with animal intelligence or sentience where Arisa is associated with sapience.
Sonya the Heroine: The Power of Victory (all the good aspects of war). Also called the Lady of Triumph and Mistress of Fortune in Battle.
Alignment: LG (NG).
Symbol: A winged or crowned sword.
Colors: Scarlet, silver, and blue.
Holy Days: Equinoxes and Wednesdays.
EH Seat: Margand.
Daughter of the Rape of Arisa by Valkorath, twin sister of Korthak, fourteenth Noerana.
Tariel the Dancer: The Power of Grace and Beauty. Also called Mistress of the Cats.
Alignment: N (CG).
Symbol: A cat or a cat's face.
Colors: Black, green, and yellow.
Holy Days: Tuesdays.
EH Seat: Ost-en-Tinuve.
Daughter of Tarsis and Arisa, sixteenth Noerana.
Tarsis: The Power of the Air and King of the Powers. Also called Lord of the Sky, Ruler of the Heavens, Lord of the Winds, Lord of Eagles, the Great Power, the Star-Lord.
Alignment: LG (N).
Symbol: a silver eagle, sometimes crowned.
Colors: Blue and silver or white.
Holy Days: Solstices, equinoxes, New Sun, Wednesdays.
EH Seat: Zoraj.
Brother of Ariella, Hydrus, and Jenelle; husband of Arisa.
Tharan the Wrathful: The Power of Storms and Disasters. Also called the Wrathman.
Alignment: CE (N).
Symbol: A cloud and lightning bolt, or the stormy petrel.
Colors: Midnight blue, gold, and orange.
Holy Days: During storms, etc.
EH Seat: Sturmberg.
Son of Tarsis and Hydrus in female incarnation, seventh Noeran.
Tianna the Minstrel: The Power of the Arts. Also called the Guardian of Lore and Song.
Alignment: CG (N).
Symbol: A golden harp.
Colors: Gold, green, red, blue, etc.
Holy Days: Guild days, Saturdays.
EH Seat: Rayel.
Daughter of Valkorath and Ariella, wife of Arkan, twelfth Noerana.
Valkorath: The Power of Will and the Forces of Darkness, King of the Hells. Also called the Master of Evil, Ruler of Darkness, Master of Pestilence, the Great Devourer, and the Black King.
Alignment: LE (NE).
Symbol: A horned and fanged skull, usually red or black; many others.
Colors: Black and scarlet.
Holy Days: The nights prior to equinoxes and solstices, the new moon, certain astral conjunctions, and eclipses.
EH Seat: Kept secret, as is the identity of Valkorath's High Priest.
Brother of Arisa.
Eranimari: The dimensions which are the homes of On the Creator and the Erani or Powers, which include Eranor and the heavens and hells.
Ellanor: "The Heaven of Earth" or "First Heaven", the home dimension of the Powers Ariella and Rhiana. It has environments of every kind with appropriate flora and fauna, but with no magical or altered creatures. It represents Nature's balance without the influences of intelligence, magic, or power.
Eranor: "Home of the Spirits", the home dimension of On and the Powers and location of the Tarmen Erana and the thrones of Tarsis and Arisa. In addition, all of the Powers maintain estates in Eranor, and Annon, Arkan, Basold, Hadrak, Jeron, Michelle, and Tianna live there. Eranor has environments of every kind with appropriate flora and fauna, but no sapient creatures except the Erani and their servants.
Tarmen Erana: "The Royal House of the Powers".
Exalor: "The Highest Heaven". It is the home dimension of the city of Meni Caryani ("The Halls of the Faithful") and the Powers Kristine, Sonya, Tariel, and Tianna. Additionally, Mikhail and Sirene maintain estates here. Exalor's environments resemble those of Eranor, but show much more directly the influence of intelligence. Magic and science coexist in harmony, and the wonders of the city and estates are without number.
Meni Caryani: "The Halls of the Faithful", the heavenly city in Exalor.
Hydralantor: "The Heaven of Water" or "Third Heaven", the home dimension of the Power Hydrus. It represents watery environments, and is about 90% covered by a vast ocean. The above-water climate is uniformly humid although ranging from polar to tropical temperatures, so rain forest and wetland ecosystems dominate.
Jennor: "The Heaven of Fire" or "Fourth Heaven", the home of the Power Jenelle. It represents the ages when the world was young and hot, with most of the land and sea-floor actively volcanic. The climate is uniformly hot, but ranges from barren desert to lush tropical rain forest.
Korthanath: "The Hell of War" or "First Hell", the home dimension of the Power Korthak. Except for the protected region adjoining Korthak's fortress, Korthanath is the least hostile Hell in terms of weather, always temperate, and terrain, mostly vast plains, low, rolling hills, and occasional forest belts and lakes: ideal battle conditions. The greatest danger is Korthanath's creatures: all the fauna are dangerously aggressive, and the intelligent spirits roam wild, filled with battle-lust.
Morrath: "The Highest Hell", home dimension of the Power Valkorath. Additionally, Mikhail and Sirene maintain estates here. Morrath resembles Eranor, but is eternally gloomy and dark, with light varying from that of a stormy day to pitch blackness. However, the land is beautiful, in a cruel way, and Valkorath's palace rivals the Meni Caryani in dark majesty and splendor. In Morrath the violence of Evil is not overt and physical survival is not in question—the struggle is for the life of the soul.
Sisar: "The Heaven of Air" or "Second Heaven", the home dimension of the Powers Tarsis and Atredus. Its terrain is mostly mountains, deserts, ice, and towering forests; the major fauna are the flying creatures, especially birds and dragons. The weather is often turbulent, providing challenges and updrafts, and is colder than the other Heavens. Sisar represents Nature's awe-inspiring, dramatic environments.
Surinath: "The Hell of Pestilence" or "Second Hell". The Powers Tharan and Valkorath maintain estates here. The climate is uniformly damp and fetid. Surinath has small open seas full of foul creatures and pollution and vast wetlands, ranging from cold, slimy bogs to noisome tropical swamps. Parasites and creatures of decay rule here, and their predators are numerous as well.
Thinorath: "The Hell of Famine" or "Third Hell". The Powers Atredus, Korthak, Tharan, and Valkorath maintain estates here. Thinorath has hot and cold climates, but all are uniformly arid and mostly barren—sand dunes, dust, wind-eroded rock, and sheer mountains capped with glaciers. Its seas are wide but so salty that few creatures live there. For the creatures of Thinorath life is a never-ending struggle to survive, and those which do can protect themselves effectively.
Voidath: "The Hell of Chaos" or "Fourth Hell", home dimension to the Power Tharan. Additionally, Jeron maintains an estate here. Voidath is a land of extremes—heat and cold, wet and dry, high and low—and the violence of nature in all its forms, including earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, meteorite impacts, solar flares, and ever-present storms. Its creatures are all the perversions of nature which have ever existed—all the failed experiments, accidents, and alterations of man and nature. Survival here is simple: The strong and powerful survive by their might, while the weak survive by manipulating or evading the strong.
Eranori: "The Lesser Powers", the innumerable spirit beings who serve the 24 Erani (Powers). They include the Champions, Demons, Elementals, and similar creatures, and range in power from the weakest Demons to beings just short of the Erani, with power far beyond that of the most powerful mortals.
On: The Creator of Novi and the Multiverse.
Zodiac: The twelve constellations through which Novi appears to move and which form the basis for Novi's astrology. As in Earth's, in Novi's astrology the signs are associated with the four alchemical elements. However, where Earth's astrology gives ascendancy to the sign directly behind the Sun, Novi's gives ascendancy to the sign most directly above the equator at midnight; and where Earth's signs begin around the 21st day of the month, Novi's begin on the first of the month. They are: Beginnings, Aquila (Eagle, Air); Snowfall, Serpentes (Serpent, Water); Windsong, Capricorn (Goat, Earth); Awakening, Unicorn (Fire); Lifesong, Pegasus (Air); Festival, Charcharius (Shark, Water); Sunlight, Leo (Lion, Earth); Firesong, Phoenix (Fire); Harvest, Falco (Falcon, Air); Glowing, Delphinus (Dolphin, Water); Graying, Bos (Ox, Earth); and Frosting, Draco (Dragon, Fire).