The World of Novi

Encyclopedia of Novi: SKILLS RULES

Lowell R. Matthews, © 1998

Revised April 6, 1998

This article details how certain skills presented in the ICE source books (especially the Rolemaster Companion II) apply to the World of Novi.

Cookery General IN/RE RC2 27 "Bonus when detecting bad food, or preparing/neutralizing dangerous herbs and food ingredients. Includes poison preparations as well as normal cooking"(RC2).
Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Baker, Brewer, Curer (food preservation), Distiller, Poisoner, and Vintner.
Crafting General AG/SD RC2 27 "Bonus for particular craftsman skill, such as jeweler, copper etching, cloth work, etc. Different skills must be developed separately" (RC2).
The subskills are not similar except were noted otherwise within the following categories, and some use different stats than AG/SD.
  Ceramics Crafts (½ Similar): Enameler, Glassblower, Glazer (Glazing, staining of pottery, glass, etc. and firing it in a kiln to harden it.), and Potter.
  Needleworking Crafts (½ Similar) Book Maker/Bookbinder, Crocheter, Dyer, Embroiderer, Furrier, Knitter, Net Maker, Quilter, Sail Maker, Spinner, Tailor, Upholsterer, Weaver, and Wicker Worker.
  Management Crafts (½ Similar): Billeter/Innkeeper (RE/SD), Seneschal (running of a household, daily routines, etc. RE/SD), Steward (Management of land and people in the absence of the overlord. RE/SD), and Valet (Assists others in getting dressed and ready for various occasions. EM/SD).
  Preservation Crafts (½ Similar): Embalmer and Taxidermist.
  Writing Crafts (½ Similar): Calligrapher, Etcher, and Scribe.
  Miscellaneous: Barber, Candlemaker, Cooper (barrels), Counselor (EM/SD), Critic (Analysis and description of faults and merits of art works. ME/RE), Guide (ME/SD), Jeweler, Masseur/Masseuse, Messenger/Runner (CO/SD), Miller, Paper Maker, Roofer, Trapper, and Tube Hollower.
Directed Spells   AG RC2 28 Option 2 is in force without professional restrictions, making all of the various Directed Spells at least ¼-ranks similar to each other.
  Fire Ice Lightning Shock Water
Fire ¼ ¼ ¼ ¼
Ice ¼ ¼ ¼ ½
Lightning ¼ ¼ ¾ ¼
Shock ¼ ¼ ¾ ¼
Water ¼ ½ ¼ ¼
Foraging Survival IN/ME RC2 30 "Bonus chance of finding any local source of potable water or edible plants and animals. Includes basic food acquisition such as gathering or fishing" (RC2).
General Foraging primarily applies to gathering. Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Clamming, Fishing, and Hunting.
Hostile Environments Survival AG/SD RC2 30 "The bonus for this skill is taken as the percentage of the character's offensive, defensive, or maneuver bonus under the given condition. Conditions must be developed separately. Each one must be learned as a separate skill" (RC2).
Sample Hostile Environments: Arctic, Desert, Fire Planes, High Gravity, Underwater, and Vacuum.
Law Academic PR/RE   Bonus for successfully functioning within the legal system of a particular culture or nation, including knowledge of the law and the ability to construct legal arguments in court. Must be developed separately for each culture or nation or be treated as a ½-ranks similar skill. In Novi, Law uses the same costs as Administration, but it is listed as a Crafting subskill in the RC2.
Leather Working General AG/RE RC2 31 "Bonus for working with hides and creating leather goods (e.g., leather armor, bolas, etc.)" (RC2). Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Cobbler, Saddler, Tanner, and Tooler.
Military Organization Academic PR/RE RC2 34 "Bonus for organization of a military force, not actual deployment, into battle [sic] which is tactics. Includes knowledge of how to billet and supply a unit, posting of watch, running of patrols, etc." (RC2).
Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Aerial Forces, Ground Forces, Marine Forces, and Naval Forces.
Mining Academic IN/RE RC2 34 "Bonus for assessing the possibilities of mining in an area, and supervising the creation and running of the mine. Each type of mining process must be learned as a separate skill" (RC2). Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Dredging, Open Pit Mining, Quarrying, and Tunneling.
Power Point Development     RC2 35 Not used in the World of Novi.
Power Projection     RC2 36 Not used in the World of Novi.
Smithing General AG/ST RC2 38 "Bonus for working with normal metals to create or repair desired objects (e.g., horse shoes, metal ornaments). Bonus for oven or kiln building, and doubling effects of fires" (RC2). The subskills are all at least ¼-ranks similar to each other, and those within the iron and precious metals groups are ½-ranks similar.
  Iron. (½ Similar): Armorer, Blacksmith/Ironsmith, Founder, Tooler, and Weaponsmith
  Precious Metals (½ Similar):. Bronzesmith, Coppersmith, Goldsmith, Silversmith, and Whitesmith/Tinsmith
  Miscellaneous: Fire Starter.
Stone Crafts General AG/SD RC2 39 "Bonus for working with stone and creating sculptures, writings, or any other form of inscription or relief" (RC2). Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Brick Maker, Gem Cutter, Mason, Stone Carver, and Stone Cutter.
Tactics Academic IN/RE RC2 40 "Bonus for perceiving and planning appropriate and effective strategy in a tactical military situation.... The skill roll over 100 is the negative modifier applied to another trying to figure out your tactics" (RC2). Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Aerial, Battlefield (cavalry and infantry), Naval, Sabotage, Siege, Small Unit, and Strategy.
Undead Lore Academic ME/RE   Bonus for recognizing and identifying the major powers and abilities of Undead beings, and things pertaining to them; uses the same costs as Demon/Devil Lore.
Wood Crafts General AG/EM RC2 43 "Bonus for fashioning any object out of the required amount of wood, bone or similar material" (RC2). Specializations, all ½-ranks similar: Carpenter, Cartwright, Builder, Lumberjack, Shipwright, Wheelwright, and Woodcarver.