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An Editorial Rant


to the second issue of The Guild Companion, the ezine dedicated to supporting You in all aspects of your gaming life. This issue brings articles on nearly every major ICE product line (including Rolemaster (both 2nd Edition and Standard System), Middle-Earth Role-Playing, and Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game) as well as great fiction and general articles. You don't have to be an ICE diehard to enjoy, use and adapt our articles for your gaming needs, so keep reading!

A Time of Changes for The Guild Companion

You'll have noticed a number of changes since the first issue. The most obvious is that we've moved to this brand-new server and domain name which is more than roomy enough for all our future plans. Secondly you'll have noticed the presence of selected advertising sponsors - please visit our sponsors and help us keep The Guild Companion a free publication! Thirdly we've listened to your comments about the magazine and improved our site accordingly. Finally we are releasing this issue's articles in two stages, in order to smooth out the load on our server. We're sure you will enjoy the new look in this issue!

A Time of Changes for Rolemaster

ICE has embarked on a reorganisation of Rolemaster Standard System and will be rereleasing Rolemaster as Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Playing. This is not a new edition of Rolemaster, so Don't Panic! Your RMSS books are 100% compatible.

So what's different about Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Playing (RMFRP)? The difference is in the organisation of the books, better cover artwork, fewer typos, and clearer example text.

The big change is that you will only need ONE book to run Rolemaster. The core book, Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Play, includes a large chunk of Rolemaster Standard Rules and a subset of Arms Law and Spell Law. All in one elegant hardback volume.

Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Play has a set of six key support titles which expand from this foundation - Arms Law, Of Essence, Of Channeling, Of Mentalism, Character Law, and Gamemaster Law. The Of Essence, Of Channeling, and Of Mentalism books are each one-third of Spell Law. Arms Law is a simple reprint. Character Law is the remainder of Rolemaster Standard Rules plus the Talents & Flaws section of Talent Law. Gamemaster Law is Gamemaster Law plus the race creation system from Talent Law.

More details can be found in the official ICE announcements here.

A change for the better in the opinion of this editor as it will significantly reduce the barriers to entry for potential new Rolemaster players and gamemasters.

We Still Want You!

Do you want to be Published? Do you want to be a Writer? Do you want to be an Artist?

We are always looking for good articles and artwork on every area covered by The Guild Companion. We would particularly like to encourage submissions on Middle-Earth Role-Playing, Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game, and Silent Death: The New Millennium.

So don't be shy, click here to check out our contributor guidelines.

Farewell (for now ...)

Time for me to stop ranting and for you to start reading. Don't forget to keep a lookout for the second set of articles for this issue. Our next issue will be published in May 1999 and we'll have some more pleasant surprises for you, but until then,

Keep gaming and have fun!

Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor
Coauthor Mentalism Companion