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The City Council of Lower Darby

The city council of Lower Darby is responsible for paying the way of the characters at their respective ''graduate'' schools. Of course, it's taxpayer money. But the town deemed it a good thing to do. ''We'll show those Darby snobs!''

The council has 13 members. Three (3) are key to the characters.

He is the wisest of the council. It was his idea to send the characters to school. In addition, he has a rather large personal library, c.f. section 3.4.
 She is a member of Kasreyn's Sorcerer's Guild. Although no one (including almost all sorcerers) know that Kasreyn is at the head of that guild. She is essentially a spy for the guild. Every two months she reports to her superiors on the politics of Lower Darby. A boring job for the most part. The arrival of the book is quite a coup for her. She is the one the characters meet outside the bar, c.f. section 3.2.
Another spy! He actually is working for the Master Brewer of Darby. A Lower Darbian by birth, Hashnoshol grew tired of the Lower Darby image. After he rose in local politics (aided of course by money from Darby's Master Brewer) he then started spying in earnest.

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