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Nasolon's Library

  If the players end up before the City Council. Nasolon will take them aside to explain the finding of the book. He will take them into his private library. On one wall of the library is an extensive collection of, well, shall we say, naughty stuff. Ahem. On the opposite wall is the serious stuff. Nasolon will take down an old and dusty volume. The language is old (requires language skill > 8 to read), however, Nasolon can read it. The title is From One Who Saw To One Who Sees. No author name is given, however, it was written by a (supposedly) disgruntled Fish Friar. The story goes that this particular Fish Friar went a little nuts after he left the order. At any rate, he managed to publish this book. Only one copy remains. If the characters choose to investigate the origins of the book, they will find it to be about 300 years old. In the book are the following poems.

Throw me a copper,
And I'll make you a dream,
Though all is not as it seems.

Bring me a symbol,
And I'll show you a ring,
Shower in waters of eternal spring.

Give me a promise,
I'll return you my trust
Of legends that never rust.

Follow these truths.
Toast with a drink.
It's easier than you think.


The Ring of Life is a cycle,
Part and parcel with fishes three.
It behooves the traveller to respect,
The keepers of the monastery.

Be it spoken or by hand put down,
In a tranquil cell o'er a mountain stream,
Guidance sought will be guidance found.
The friars are saner than they seem.

Bring the power of the past into today.
Search for the missing link.
Fish power over life will be yours.
And, as always, toast a friar with your first drink.


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