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Box and Book

Bogdog Gristlehand found the box (and a couple of old brews) while digging around ''here''. If the players choose to excavate near that area they will find a body! It is the well preserved body of a Fish Friar from over 300 years ago. He was entrusted with bringing the box and book to the monastery. He didn't succeed. He died of a heart attack and the bog swallowed him up. On his body may be found an amulet that has the 3-Fish symbol, c.f. section 3.6. Also there are some marching orders that say ''Give your life to preserve the Ring of Life - Fish Friar be true!'' and 3 more bottles of old Nuoc Mam, one pilsner, one stout and one porter.

Rob Brott
Wed Feb 3 18:06:41 CST 1999