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  Located at the entrance to the pass into the hills east of Lower Darby. Just a few of Fish Friars live here any more. They preserve the tradition of the original Fish Friars. The head Fish Friar, Slartibartfast - his name is NOT important tee-hee, lives here. He is a mysterious fellow who appears to be carrying a very heavy burden. He is! His sole purpose is to protect the Fish. This is done in two phases.
  1. The Fish are hidden among the aboriginal burial mounds. The native magic helps shield them from harm.
  2. Slartibartfast is always on guard to keep Kasreyn's ''gaze'' from getting to close. He is the original Animist that saved the fish.

As the centuries passed, Slartibartfast became aware that he could protect the Fish from Kasreyn by ''joining'' with the Fish. However, he would rather continue in his present capacity. He just desires that the Fish live. He isn't that interested anything else, and the self-sacrifice would be immense. Add to that, he doesn't know that anyone else who could take over as head of the Fish Friars.

Also in the monastery is a map to the Ring of Life. The ''disgruntled'' Fish Friar, Vidi Youth, who wrote the book ''From One Who Saw To One To One Who Sees'', made a map showing the location of the Ring of Life. The map is located in a secret compartment in Youth's old cellgif. Slartibartfast or any other monk can tell the adventurers where Youth's old cell is located. If the characters learn about the cell from a monk other than Slartibartfast, the monk will give them his amulet.

If the characters can convince him to talk (not that difficult) he will tell them very little. If pressed they can find out about the Ring of Life:

The Ring of Life is very old
Three Fish Adorn it
One of Silver
One of Platinum
And one of Gold.

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