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The Goat Plateau

  Mountain goats will be seen at a particular place along the road. Then, the goats will ''vanish''. Actually they'll just head back in a cleft in the rock. If the players look carefully they'll find a hidden cleft. It is only wide enough to admit them single file. It is very short however. The path will open up into a wide plateau amongst the trees.

The plateau is dotted with five mounds. In the top of the mounds is a magical pattern that will glow under moonlight. The five mounds are arranged with one at the center and the other four at the compass points. They're all guarded...

This mound is guarded by a Skeleton Sovereign and his entourage.
Four undead Mutant Ninja Turtles tee-hee.
Ten major mummies with pony tails. Hah! They're Moonies!
Major Specters. Really nasty dudes.
Four minor wights wielding snake-shaped swords.

The amulet will remove the Fear from the snake mound only. All the others represent ancient burial sites and should not be touched. Woe to those that are foolhardy enough to try! GM note: somehow here, it is necessary that the PCs approach only the Snake Mound, this is easy if they have a monk's amulet for it will act as sort of a radar. The premonition of fear that the PCs will feel when they approach any other mound should be immense. Some GM steering may be necessary here.

Upon defeating the wights the characters can get to the head of the snake and see a fountain. The fountain of Vidi Youth! In the center of the fountain is a statue of a man. In the fountain the three fish swim in a circle: the Ring of Life. The Fish will be impossible for the players to catch. The spell users (or any others that can detect magic) may notice (if they get close) that each fish seems to emanate an aura of magic. Platinum Fish for Channeling, Gold Fish for Essence and the Silver Wish for Mentalism.

The characters need to wake Youth. For this they must follow the poem!

  1. Toss a coin into the fountain -- Throw me a copper.
  2. Show the amulet -- Bring me a symbol.
  3. Say anything -- Give me a promise.
  4. Toast - Toast with a drink.
Once Youth is awakened he will gather the fish in bags (like K-Mart) and take the fish back to the monastery. Note that Youth is a bard.

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