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The Setup

  At the Pig and Thistle the characters will over hear a drunk guy stumbling around saying, ''Sure, Sure, you find something important in the swamp and they just take it away with not so much as a thank you.'' He is, of course, Bogdog Gristlehand, the miner that found the box. Other patrons in the bar are telling him to shut up and sit down. The drunk knows that the book had fish on it and its important because anytime he asks about it they tell him to shut-up.

After a time, a ruckus outside the bar erupts. The sorcerer, Drathac (c.f. section 3.3), has been cornered by some guards from the city council. Drathac is fighting to escape and bring news of the book to the Sorceror's Guild. The guards have her cornered but not subdued. As a matter of fact, Drathac starts to throw spells. She breaks a guards arm and cripples another's. It looks like she might actually escape. Perhaps the characters will aid the guards. Whenever the characters join in, the guards will tell them to not kill Drathac, just subdue her. If the characters don't join in then more guards will show up and eventually subdue Drathac. Just before Drathac is subdued she realizes her plight and attempts to commit suicide by the traditional method of saying ''Nom'' which will summon a strong earth elemental that slays whoever summoned the elemental. But Drathac does not quite say Nom only Naaa...Before she is knocked unconscious.gif

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