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Reedhaven Map

Phillip Gladney ©1999

1. The Frothy Tankard Owned and operated by Dallo Point, an ex-adventurer who settled in Reedhaven, this is the sole building in the entire community which can accommodate human-sized individuals. It consists of a large drinking hall, a moderately sized kitchen and some rooms for let. Dallo also owns a brewery situated next door in a separate building. The common area of the tavern is where the hobbits of the area meet to discuss important matters. In addition, any negotiating, whether they are merchants, mercenaries or representatives of Fennas Drunin, is done here. Dallo oversees these sometimes raucous affairs and is generally considered the spokesman of the village. He gained this position due to the fact that he is, by far, the richest hobbit in the area and he is a close friend with the leader of the nearby Dwarven colony. Indeed, it was because of him alone that the dwarves chose to move to the area, thereby enriching and strengthening the entire community. His outspoken devotion to the well being of his fellow hobbits only solidifies his position more.
2. Stables the donkeys used by the hobbits to transport goods are stabled here. There are a total of six kept here and they are well looked-after. Hay is kept in the extra stalls and two wagons are located out back. There is also a small residence for the hobbit that works here.
3. Farmstead One extended family of hobbits dwells in each of these homes. Some are large and some small, depending on the number of hobbits who live there. Each has a garden, fields for grain and grapes, as well as, fruit trees and livestock. Excess food is shipped to Smallforge or Fennas Drunin in exchange for worked iron goods or gold.
4. Smallforge A trail leads right up to the wrought iron doors of Smallforge. During the day these doors are generally kept open.
5. Riverbank A few boats lay moored here for the hobbits who ply the river for fish. Nets, hooks, paddles, etc. are stored in each boat awaiting use.
6. Fields This is the main area for farming for the hobbits of Reedhaven. A number of fruit trees, primarily apple, are also located here.
7. Barn This is the largest building in the village. It houses approximately twenty cows. These draft animals are used for milk and are led out during the day to feed. Extra hay is kept in the lofts above for the winter months.
8. Watchpost This ingeniously disguised wooden tower serves as the two communities' sole means of being alerted to invaders. Thirty feet tall and barely poking out above the trees around it, this post is impossible to see from a distance. Wooden planters, built all along the rail, house various plants, which hide the tower and make it blend in with
the surrounding foliage. An ancient Dunadan eyeglass, picked up in one of Dallo's myriad adventures, helps the sentries see farther. At any given time there will be two sentries, one from each community. This procedure has in turn bolstered the friendship and trust between the two villages, since the inhabitants spend long hours together here with nothing to do but talk.

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