RM2/Space Master to RMSS Skill Conversions

Copyright Brent Knorr, 1999


This article is intended to assist in the conversion of RoleMaster edition 2 (RM2) characters and Space Master (SPAC) characters to RoleMaster Standard System characters (RMSS). Most of the RM2 skills have equivalent RMSS skills already, so converting RM2 characters, at least from a skill point of view, should not be too difficult. Space Master characters will be more challenging as many of the skills do not have equivalent RMSS skills yet. The reason for including these in this article is primarily for the conversion of modern day or near future characters that were created under Space Master. For any missing skills, I suggest looking for similar skills that do have conversions and use the same RMSS categories. Of course the other option is to wait until the Space Master source book for RMSS is available.


One thing to watch for when converting characters to RoleMaster Standard System from RoleMaster edition 2 is how many skills end up in the same category. If you have a lot of skills in the same category, it may be advantageous to spend more development points on the categories than on individual skills. By the same token, if you only have one skill in a particular category it could best to only buy one or two ranks in the category and more ranks in the skill, especially if you want to end up with an accurate conversion. Buying too many category ranks could give your converted character more skills that he or she had under RM2.

I opted to use Rolemaster Companion II (RMC2) and Space Master Companion I (SMC1) as the source of information on the old skills. These two books were considered standard by most people whereas the later Companions were not used as consistently. Both have descriptions of skills and Master Development Point Cost Tables listing the costs by profession for the skills described.


In the process of building the Conversion table, I came across some interesting tidbits on some of the skills. There are several skills that appear on the Space Master Companion I Master Development Point Cost Table that do not have descriptions in the book. At one point there seems to be an entire section that got lost for skills between "Stone Crafts" and "Symbol Lore". (I would be interested in finding out if anyone has a printing of this companion that contains these descriptions) The skills with missing descriptions are listed below. The skills with a "*" have descriptions in Rolemaster Companion II. For those skills that a description does not exist in either book the RM2 /SPAC action type and stats column will not have values in the conversion table.


Airborne Assault

Armor Working


Fluid Systems

Genetic Engineering

Mechanical Diagnosis

Stone Evaluation *

Stone Lore *

Streetwise *

Structural Engineering

Stunned Maneuvering *

Subduing *

Surfing *

Surgery *

Surveillance *

Survival *

Tax Law *

Toxin Identification *


There are also several skills in Space Master Companion I that have descriptions that are not listed on the Master Development Point Cost Table. These skills will not have a RM2 category assigned to them in the Conversion Table unless they appeared in Rolemaster Companion II. The skills with a "*" appeared in RMC2, but ,of course, did not have Development Point Costs for the Space Master Professions.


Audiophile Technology



Brain Washing

Computer Tapping

Demon/Devil Lore *

Dragon Lore/Creature Lore *

Herb Lore *

Poison Lore *

Psionic Perception



There is one skill in Rolemaster Companion II that has a description but is not on Master Development Point Cost Table.


Psionic Perception

There are very few skills that are in Rolemaster Companion II that are not in Space Master Companion I. There are some skills that have slightly different names, these variations are listed individually on the conversion table to make them easy to locate..

The skills in Rolemaster Companion II that do not appear in Space Master Companion I are:


Alchemy (Chemistry) (probably close enough to Chemistry to be considered the same skill)

Boat Pilot


Faerie Lore

Sanity Healing Lore


The skills with differing names are listed below. The RMC2 skill name is listed first, then the SMC1 skill:


Control Lycanthropy = Control Shape Change

Diagnostics = Medical Diagnosis (Stats used are different)

Iai = Quickdraw/Iai

Physics = Physics (General) These are in different categories and use different statistics

Racial History = History

Targeting Skill = Targeting (Psionic/Magical) (Not to be confused with Targeting)

There are only a few RM2 Skills with no RMSS counterparts:


Drug Tolerance

Grappling Hook

Meditation, Ki

Power Projection

Sanity Healing Lore

Tumbling Attack


There are too many Space Master skills that don't have RMSS counterparts to list separately


There are entries in the table for RMSS and it's supplements that need some additional explanation. There are some skills that do not have the optional third stat listed in the Conversion table. There are a couple of reasons for this. In the main RMSS book there are several skills that are listed under the Science/Analytic Specialized category but don't have complete descriptions.. The new skills in the Essence Companion did not have the optional stat listed. Black Ops mentions several skills that are but never described. The skill description for Combat Pilot in Black Ops has a note at the end that states:

Note: The Combat Pilot skill rank cannot exceed the pilot's Atmospheric, Orbital, N-Space Piloting, or AFV Driver (whichever is appropriate) skill rank

Unfortunately, these skills are not described anywhere in the book. Atmospheric Pilot is listed under the Pilot Training package, from which we can figure out that these skills belong to the Technical/Trade Vocational skill category. There are also skills mentioned in some other Training Packages. The skills from Black Ops without descriptions are:


Aerodynamics Pilot Training package (in Pulp as well, Pilot Pulp Training Package)

AFV Driver Combat Pilot Skill Description

Atmospheric Pilot - Pilot Training package/Combat Pilot Skill Description

Atmospherics Pilot Training package

Cryptology Hacker Training Package

Marine Pilot (Modern) Marine Pilot Training Package

N-Space Pilot - Combat Pilot Skill Description

Oceanography Marine Pilot Training Package

Orbital Pilot Combat Pilot Skill Description


The conversion table itself is listed alphabetically by the RMC2/SPC1 skill names, this is followed by the category group the skill belonged to in RM2/SPAC, then which supplement the skill is found in, the type of action the skill is and the stats used in RM2/SPAC. Next is the RMSS information. The RMSS book(s) that the skill is found in is listed, then the stats, followed by the optional third stat for the skill, the name of the skill in RMSS, and finally the category that the skill belongs to in RMSS.

The abbreviations used in the table are as follows:


Action types:

SA Static Action

MM Moving Maneuver

SP Special

OB Offensive Bonus

DB Defensive Bonus

VM Vehicle Maneuver



Ag Agility

Co Constitution

Me Memory

Re Reasoning

SD Self Discipline

Em Empathy

In Intuition

Pr - Presence

Qu Quickness

St Strength



RMC2 RoleMaster Companion II

SMC1 Space Master Companion I

RMSS RoleMaster Standard System

BOPS Black Ops

PULP Pulp Adventures

ESSC Essence Companion

MART Martial Arts Companion

CAST Castles & Ruins

SHAD Shades of Darkness


Conversion Table