Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


to the third issue of The Guild Companion, the ezine dedicated to supporting you in all aspects of your gaming life. We have a number of surprises to reveal this issue.

For the role-players among you, we have articles that can be used by you regardless of which rules system you swear by (or at!). As always, we also have articles that contain some game mechanics specific to Rolemaster (both Second Edition and Standard System) and Middle-Earth Role-Playing.

For the card-gaming fans among you, we have "Dragon's Hoard", a new MECCG scenario that was play-tested at OrcCon.

And for our very patient Silent Death fans, we have a whole fleet of new ship designs just waiting to be added to your starmadas.

New in Fiction

In addition to the latest excellent episode in our Storm King serial, we have started new serials set in the fantasy world of Laernon. Four authors (Laurie Mahaffy, Jeff Anderstedt, Doug Stich and Suzanne Beaulieu) will be writing stories of this world from very different perspectives. Laurie and Jeff start the ball rolling this issue. Doug and Suzanne's first stories will be appearing in issue 4.

We Want Your Software!

We're interested in building an archive of software tools that will assist gamers in gaming. So we're searching for all sorts of software for Rolemaster, MERP, MECCG, and Silent Death. We're also interested in software for OTHER games. So if you have a resource or if you can give us directions to a great piece of software, please drop us an email at gfw@pinc.com.

Submissions Wanted

We're always looking for good articles and artwork, and we are keen to see more Middle-Earth Role-Playing, Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game, and Silent Death: The New Millennium submissions. We are also extremely interested in publishing articles that can be used by ANY role-player in ANY system. So if you have an idea, then click here to check out our contributor guidelines and get submitting!.

The Really Big Surprise

We're changing our publication schedule. From now on, we'll be publishing The Guild Companion every month. So Issue 4 will be published at the beginning of June! So more great articles more often for you.

Farewell (for now ...)

Time for me to quit ranting and for you to get stuck into this issue. Remember our next issue will be published in JUNE 1999 so until then,

Keep gaming and have fun!

Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor
Coauthor Mentalism Companion