This morning, Hasbro announced its intent to buy Wizards of the Coast, and Wizards announced that the shareholders have voted in favor of the acquisition.

This raises, I am sure, a number of questions regarding the status of D&D. First, let me reassure everyone that the deal will not have any direct effect on the D&D business. If anything, Hasbro's access to broad distribution will help us bring new people in to the hobby in the coming years.

Wizards of the Coast will be run as a separate business unit. Peter is staying on to manage the company, and all the brand, tabletop RPG business managers, and the R&D staff are staying as well. Nobody has been fired. Nobody's managers have been changed/replaced by Hasbro. Hasbro has no intentions of altering our current strategies for D&D. They understand and accept the unique nature of the property, including its more "adult" aspects, including language, tone and content. (In other words, the fiends from the outer planes will still be called Demons and Devils!)

The tabletop RPG category has been returned to substantial profitability this year. As a result, no one should have concerns that the business will be terminated or sold due to its size or value. Within WotC, D&D and the other RPGs we produce are held in very high esteem both as a component of our success, and due to the rewarding entertainment they provide. As the acquisition goes forward, I'm sure that there will be many rumors and questions. I would ask that you treat all such information as false until you see either an official press release, a post on our web site, or you see confirmation from Wizards' senior managers, myself or other members of the brand management or tabletop RPG business management team, like Keith Strohm, David Wise, Jim Butler and Cindi Rice.

I'm sure you'll understand that things are a bit unsettled here at the moment as everyone adjusts to the changes. During this period of adjustment, it may be hard to reach various members of the D&D team for more information. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write to me regarding them. My email address is dancey@wizards.com. If you are a member of the media and have questions, please contact Jenny Bendel in our PR department at 425.204.2670

Sincerely,Ryan S. Dancey
VP, Wizards of the Coast