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Harnalda Map

Phillip Gladney ©1999

The keep, Harnalda, is a recent addition to the eastern lands of the En Egladil. It was constructed immediately after the Stonearm Wars as a means of countering the cavalry of Rhudaur, which had before run unimpeded across the plains. This was, in fact, one of the main reasons that Ermegil, King of Rhudaur, was able to control the Angle just a few years ago. His mounted troops, comprised mainly of fierce Easterlings from beyond the Misty Mountains, marched down the eastern side of the Angle and cut off Thuin Boid. He successfully completed a siege of Fennas Drunin because the Cantons of Feotar were not able to put up any resistance in time. Eventually, Bemakinda, the appointed general of the Feotarin army, mobilized the Northmen and Eriadoran commoners and together they were able to retake Fennas Drunin and Thuin Boid, but at great cost. Wisely, the council heads of Feotar undertook a plan to hastily construct a redoubt, which would eliminate or at least act as a counter to the menace of this swift enemy mobility. Rebuilding a circular tower from the foundations of an earlier one and adding a wooden palisade and parapet, crafted from strong timbers from the nearby forest, made Harnalda a viable fortification.
Eight buildings have been erected inside the bailey to support the troops stationed there. There are three barracks halls, a smithy, tannery, healing house, a large stable and an enlarged inn, which provides the men-at-arms with entertainment. These structures are made of quarried stone with thatch roofs and are noticeably new. A small detachment of the mercenary unit the Red Lances are stationed here, as well as a unit of Stoor Hobbits from the southeast region of the En Egladil. These Hobbits are used mainly for scouting and missile support. In addition to the two aforementioned groups there is a motley assortment of regular mercenaries. These warriors hail from all parts of Cardolan and are generally trustworthy. They operate as an auxiliary unit under the command of the castle commander and perform garrison duty.
At any given time there will be 10 men manning the walls in three-hour shifts. Two on top of the gatehouse, two inside the gatehouse, one on top of the tower and five walking in absolutely random patterns along the parapet. During times of war there will be twice as many men at each post and they will operate in six-hour shifts. A warning bell atop the tower will alert the garrison to any potential threat. When this bell is sounded every man that can carry a weapon will rush to man the walls.

  1. The Tower - The tower, which is the focus of the keep, is approximately forty feet tall. It sits atop a small hill of solid rock, which gives it another twenty feet of actual height. It rises high above the surrounding landscape and provides an excellent view of the countryside. Constructed entirely of stone and housing a large warning beacon on its roof, this fortress is a formidable barrier to any trying to conquer the region. It has three stories, a basement and a fighting roof with crenels and merlons. The rooftop also has a catapult with a swivel base bolted to it just as the tower at Thuin Boid. During an attack archers could fill the top two levels of the tower and rain murderous fire upon any would-be attackers. Normally, Hobbit archers would be positioned here to use their arrows to help contain any breaches that might develop around the wooden palisade.
    The captain of the soldiers in Harnalda, Talathain, who is also a member of the Red Lances, has a suite on the top floor, as does the leader of the Stoor contingent, Ballo Point. (Ballo is the younger brother of Dallo Point, the leader of all Hobbits in the Angle.) The entrance to the tower is on the second floor and is protected by a large iron door. The first and second stories house quarters for the officers, a council room and a kitchen. The basement holds enough dried goods and extra weapons to sit out a short siege.
  2. The Gatehouse - The gatehouse of Harnalda, made of stone, is the center point of the perimeter defense. It is two stories tall and is the second largest building in the compound. It has two small ballistae mounted on its flat roof and a goodly quantity of oil to lob at the enemy as well as sand to heat and pour through the murder holes in the second floor. The double gates are of iron-reinforced oak and can withstand the most punishing of blows. If the gatehouse were to fall to any enemy, then the entire bailey would be compromised and the tower would be the only refuge.
    The first floor of the gatehouse is cut in two by the hallway that serves as the entrance into Harnalda. The entrance hallway is high enough to allow a mounted individual easy access. On either side are guardrooms that have arrow slits allowing defenders to pepper invaders with missiles. The second floor has extra supplies such as weapons, oil and sand and has numerous arrow slits.
  3. Stable - This long building houses anywhere between 25-30 horses at any given time. They are the mounts of the Red Lance members garrisoned here as well as the messengers and officers. A few extra horses are also kept here for emergencies. Run by a stable master with the help of two young boys, the horses are well fed and cared for. Extra hay is stored in the first floor of the large building along with spare saddles and the like. Quarters for the stable master and his helpers are on the second floor.
  4. Inn - Called the Lonely Watch, this inn/tavern caters to the garrison of Harnalda. The name alludes to the fact that Harnalda is a rather secluded outpost. They get almost no visitors and rarely will any traders make the long journey off the main road to sell their wares. This proves to be rather boring after awhile and the soldiers have found that a full tankard of ale or beer is their only solace. Every night a good number of soldiers not on guard duty will be found here singing, gaming, fighting, eating, and, of course, drinking. The mood is friendly, however fights do break out occasionally due to the confined atmosphere of the border fort. The inn itself is two stories tall and made of stone like every other building in the bailey. The bottom floor serves as the common hall and the second floor houses a few rooms for let as well as quarters for the proprietor, Harvil. Harvil lives here with his sons, Donnall and Eagil, who help him run the inn. He lost his wife to the plague a few years ago and is now trying to make something for his sons to have after he passes on.
  5. Barracks - These three stone buildings house the troops which defend Harnalda. One houses both the 20 Red Lances and 20 Stoor hobbits assigned to Harnalda. The other two each contain 40 of the Angle auxiliaries. There are cots for 20-25 warriors on each of the two floors. At any given time there will be about 10-20 troops sleeping here. When off-duty, the garrison soldiers prefer to spend their time out in the compound or at the Lonely Watch .
  6. Tannery - A small group of tanners has been commissioned to serve the garrison of Harnalda. There are four of them and they are for the most part non-combatants, although they can use weapons to a limited degree to defend themselves. They live on the second floor and work on the ground floor. Their jobs are not much different than those of any normal tanner, but the pay is much better. They spend their days repairing or creating leather armor and livery items. This keeps them quite busy.
  7. Smithy - Similar to the tanners next door, a cadre of three dedicated smiths have been commissioned to serve the garrison. They also have a work area on the ground floor and maintain suites on the second. They repair metal armor and weapons as well as produce the metal items required for the cavalry such as horseshoes and nails. They are all quite muscular and if forced into combat would make for formidable foes.
  8. Healing House - A Healer maintains a residence and infirmary here. He has two assistants who help him with the day-to-day affairs. The house has 10 cots on the ground floor for any sick or injured members of the castle population. The healer, Mathir, has a quatity of herbs in his residence on the second floor. There is also a kitchen here for the preparation of the herbs as well as feeding the infirm.
  9. Palisade Wall - The wall surrounding the bailey and tower is twenty feet tall. It is comprised of thick oaken timbers approximately 15 inches in diameter. The timbers have all been sharpened on top. A parapet of wooden planks stands behind every section of the wall. Every twenty feet a ladder provides access to the parapet from the ground. There are also large barrels of water scattered around the wall under the parapet. These each have a few buckets nearby and are to put out any fire that may result during battle.