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Encounters in the Harnalda locale

Phillip Gladney ©1999

The Rhudaurim patrols operate within a ten-mile radius of their encampment. Encounters within this radius will always be with one of the Rhudaurim groups as their presence has run off most of the animals from the area. Since certain encounters can only happen in certain areas around the border fort and certain areas are more heavily traveled, the encounter tables have been separated into 4 zones. For example, messengers traveling to and from Rhudaur will only be encountered if the group was north of Harnalda. Also, the chance to encounter a patrol will be higher in the areas west and north of Harnalda. In addition, encounters will reflect the Stalking/Hiding maneuvers of the party (to be determined by the GM). Encounters should be rolled for every two hours due to the high saturation of Rhudaurim forces in the area. During daylight there are 7 roaming reconnaissance patrols and 2 larger war-bands operating along the extended perimeter. At night, these numbers drop to 3 reconnaissance patrols and 1 war-band. In addition to the aforementioned groups, there are several other miscellaneous groups working during the day outside the vicinity of the main encampment that might be encountered. Below is the zone map and encounter tables:
Daytime encounters
Zone A
Base 50% chance
Zone B
Base 50% chance
Zone C
Base 25% chance
Zone D
Base 40% chance
01-60 Small Patrol 01-70 Small Patrol 01-70 Small Patrol 01-60 Small Patrol
61-80 Large Patrol 71-90 Large Patrol 71-85 Large Patrol 61-80 Large Patrol
81-90 Foraging Party 91-94 Foraging Party 86-94 Foraging Party 81-85 Foraging Party
91-95 Ammo Party 95-00 Ammo Party 95-00 Ammo Party 86-90 Ammo Party
96-98 Supply Caravan 91-00 Logging Party
99-00 Lone Messenger

Nighttime encounters
For nighttime encounters simply subtract 10% from the Base chance and if an encounter is rolled, keep re-rolling on the appropriate table until one of the patrols (small or large) is picked. No foraging parties, Ammo parties, Logging parties, Lone messengers or Supply caravans will be encountered during nighttime periods.

Encounter Descriptions