Statistics for UNSSHorizon

Class: Exploration Scout
Cost: 5,085,340
Mass: 2500 tons
CAT: 23
Armor Quality: +0
Armor Belt +0
Hits: 2,500
Sublight Drive Rating: 5
MSA: 50 km/s/s
MTs: 5
Translight Drive Rating: 3 (measured in LY per week rather than per day)
Sensor Rating: 10
Sensor Range: 3,000 LS (900,000,000 km)
Sensor Bonus: +50
EW Rating: 3
EW Bonus: +15
Screen Rating: None (Humanity lacks this technology)
Screen Bonus: None
Radiation Shield Rating: 10
Radiation Shield Bonus: +50
1 dual Mk 10 Autocannon / flex / front quarter left / +5
1 dual Mk 10 Autocannon / flex / front quarter right / +5
1 dual Mk 10 Autocannon / flex / rear quarter left / +5
1 dual Mk 10 Autocannon / flex / rear quarter left / +5
Payload Pallets: None
Tractor Beams: None (Humanity lacks this technology)
Tactics: 5 (+25)
Predict: 5 (+25)
Evade: 5 (+25)
Microfrequency Comm: 10
Tight Beam Comm: 5
Tachyon Beam Dictor: None (Humanity lacks this technology)
Reactor Rating: 33
Reactor Fuel: 360 days continuous operation without refueling
Andrium Fuel: 100 LY travel
Control Points: 8
Crew: 20
Passengers: 30 (scientists and marines)
Computer: 160
Other Computer Programs: In addition to combat and navigational programs:
Starsystem, planetary, biological, and construct analysis;
Scientific reference for anthropology, astronomy, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, genetics, metallurgy, medicine, planetology, and zoology;
Archival reference;
Technical reference for computers, electronics, mechanics, power, and weapons.
Cargo: 493 cubic meters
Streamlined: No
Landing Gear: No
Fighter Bays: No
Shuttle/Vehicle Bays: 3 shuttles (see stats), 3 helicopters, and 3 exploration crawlers. The exploration crawlers are similar to the exploration walker described on page 40 of Tech Law, but are smaller, run on (slow) tracks rather than legs, have only 1 ton of cargo space, and have a sensor range limited to 20 kilometers. The crawlers can operate in any atmosphere, under water, or in hard vacuum and are armed with a 12mm heavy machine gun (see Tech Law page 7) in a roof turret. The helicopters are air vehicles otherwise similar to the crawlers, but require an atmosphere to function and carry their HMG in a belly turret. They are pressurized, however, so the atmosphere does not have to be breathable.
Labs: +20 for biology, botany, chemistry, geology, medicine, and zoology.
Workshop: Yes
Sickbay: 4 patient capacity
Cryogenic Berths: 10
Auxiliary Systems: No
Notes: Several items, as described above, are either entirely absent from the ship or operate at reduced effectiveness from the standards given in the Star Strike rules to reflect the relatively primitive state of Human technology.