Statistics for Horizon Shuttles

Class: Shuttle
Mass: 45 tons
CAT: 22

Hits: 45
Sublight Drive Rating: 3
MSA: 30 km/s/s
MTs: 3
Sensor Rating: 1
Sensor Range: 3 LS (900,000 km)
Sensor Bonus: +5
Radiation Shield Rating: 5
Radiation Shield Bonus: +25
1 dual 15mm HMG / turret / bottom / +0 (this is an anti-personnel weapon, similar to the 12mm HMG shown on page 7 of Tech Law, but using the Mk 5 attack table)
Microfrequency Comm: 3
Reactor Rating: 3.5
Reactor Fuel: 10 days
Control Points: 3
Crew: 1 (pilot)
Passengers: 10 seated (20 seated in passenger version)
Computer: Mk 20
Other Computer Programs: Navigational and star system, planetary, biological, and construct analysis software.
Cargo: 10 tons
Streamlined: Yes
Landing Gear: Yes
Shuttle/Vehicle Bays: 1 helicopter or crawler (none in passenger version)
Notes: The Horizon carries three of these shuttles. Two are outfitted as cargo shuttles, one is the passenger version. No deck plan is provided for this vehicle. It is essentially, a cargo bay with a passenger cabin forward and the flight deck forward of that. In the cargo version, the cargo bay is fitted with tie-downs for a single vehicle, which exits through the cargo door. There is a 2-person airlock in the passenger cabin and another between the cabin and the cargo bay, which would be entirely depressurized when the door is opened.