E:  Elevator.  The main elevator is located at the port end of the ship's wide central corridor and gives access to all four decks.  A second elevator is located in a corner of engineering.  The final elevator runs between the Deck 2 mess hall and the main recreation lounge on Deck 3.  There are also lifts (not shown) throughout the main hold for moving cargo about.

L:  Ladder.  A single ladder is located in the main corridor opposite the main elevator for use in emergencies.

Q:  Crew quarters.  Officers and ship's crew are on Deck 1, closest to the bridge.  Marines are on the lower decks.  Gunners are quartered near their turrets.

Deck 1:  Command Deck

Contains the main bridge and ship's computer forward.  Immediately aft are quarters for the ship's officers and operating crew.  Aft of that is the ship's wide central corridor, giving access to two of the Mk 20 turrets at each end.  Aft of that lie the upper cargo decks and the upper engineering deck.  Engineering runs through all four levels of the ship.  The upper engineering level is concerned primarily with the operation of the translight drive.

Deck 2:  Gun Deck

At the forward end of this deck lie the ship's main living spaces.  The main mess hall gives an excellent view of space ahead of the ship.  Aft of that lie the ship's galley and secondary recreation area to port and crew quarters starboard.  Aft of them are the forward Mk 10 turrets with more crew quarters beyond them.  Aft of that, the ship's dispensary lies to port with the security complex to starboard.  The main room (labelled 1 on the map) is security control.  Opening off that are the ship's armory (labelled 2) and three large cells (labelled 3) for prisoners.  Aft of the central corridor are the Deck 2 cargo holds, the aft Mk 10 turrets, and the main level of engineering.

Deck 3:  Personnel Deck

The forward section of this deck contains the ship's main recreation area (keeping the troops from getting bored during flight is a major concern for the officers), with quarters for several crew behind that.  Further aft lie the forward cargo holds.  Large groups of prisoners are sometimes held here if there is not sufficient space in the brig.  The central corridor on this deck contain's the ship's main airlocks (labelled A on the map).  They are much bigger than standard personnel airlocks, allowing large groups of borders to cycle through at once.  Aft of this lies the upper section of the two-deck high shuttle bay, flanked by the ship's life support machinery to either side.  Aft of that lies the main hold and then Deck 3 engineering, concerned with the operation of the ship's maneuver drive.

Deck 4:  Hangar Deck

At the forward end of this deck lies the tractor beam generator and control room.  Aft of that are the remaining crew quarters, then the lower forward hold.  The main corridor on this deck provides access to the two lower Mk 20 turrets.  Aft of that lies the main level of the shuttle bay (which opens below the ship), flanked by the ship's sensor equipment and the main level of the cargo hold.  Aft of that lies the lower level of engineering, from which the ship's fusion reactor is controlled.