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The Rhudaurian Army

Phillip Gladney ©1999

The army of Ermegil Stonearm, cobbled together from his vassals and mercenaries, consists of three main components, the Dunlending tribesmen, the Easterling horsemen and the miscellaneous mercenary bands, including a Northron medium cavalry unit as well as a Dunadan heavy infantry unit. Each of these groups distrusts the other and none have any particular loyalty to Ermegil. They are here for two reasons, coinage from the coffers of Cameth Brin and the chance to get spoils of war. Even though they may dislike each other and perhaps even hate one another, they can still work together to form an effective fighting machine. Each provides a different and important aspect in any battle.

The Dunlendings
The Dunlending warriors, an assortment of the tribes Eidaroc, Macha Mur, Ruenalla, Siol Nunaw and Culmaith, owe nominal allegiance to king Ermegil. In truth, they serve him when it suits their purpose and look to their own headmen for leadership. Frequently, the tribes living in middle and northern Rhudaur will rebel against some tax or decree issued from Cameth Brin and Ermegil will be forced to send in troops to quell the insurrection. These are usually bloodless affairs, as the tribesmen have no standing army and are ill equipped to deal with regular army forces. Yet one thing the tribesmen dwelling in Rhudaur have in common with the king is a love of fighting. This is something they share with most of their brethren all over Eriador. When summoned to war, many of the tribes will answer the call. They do this not because of duty or honor, but instead for glory and greed, for warfare can be a highly lucrative enterprise.
When fighting, the tribesmen prefer to band together around their headman with little to no order and seek out single combat. One-on-one, the Dunlendings can be potent warriors, but their utter lack of military cohesion limits their ability to wage war on any grand scale. The rudiments of the art of tactics are completely ignored by them and therefore they can be easily defeated by a relatively complex and coordinated attack. However, matched with the other elements of the Rhudaurian army, they can be effective, serving as skirmishers and light infantry. As light infantry, they constitute the bulk of the main army. They are armed with a spear, a few javelins, a sword or ax, and have some form of soft leather armor, as well as a simple wooden shield. The Dunlendings' strength is in their numbers and a mid-sized army will have between 1,000 and 2,000 tribesmen in its midst with varying skill levels ranging from inexperienced boys to accomplished warriors. During an open battle, the men assigned to skirmish will stand about 20-40 yards in front of the rest of the troops. They throw missile weapons at the approaching enemy and attempt to disrupt enemy formations before they reach their own battle line. Needless to say this is the most dangerous position in the entire army and is habitually reserved for the expendable soldiers, also known as fodder. The reason that the Dunlendings accept and even welcome this role is their thirst for glory and renown. Talented, experienced warriors will have great respect in their community and get a greater share of the spoils.

The Easterlings
The Easterlings are swarthy, longhaired, mustachioed men. They are members of the various tribes that roam the lands around the Sea of Rhûn. They include Sagath, Logath and Asdriags who have crossed over the Misty Mountains to make a living. Led by a Sagath Easterling named Trojic Havel, they must be separated from the other units due to their aggressive, nearly sadist, lifestyle. They live in tents of cowhide and ride small, hairy ponies that are inferior to their Northron and Dunadan counterparts. However, they are perfect for the Easterlings' style of fighting. Due to the dearth of armor within the plains-dwelling horsemen's armories, they must avoid pitched melees if at all possible. Instead, they prefer to distance themselves from their enemies and pepper them with missiles from a safe distance. If the opposing force moves towards them to try to close with them, they just move back out of range, all the while showering their foes with javelins or arrows from their powerful composite bows. This tactic is devastating to lightly armored infantry forces, such as Dunlendings and most regional levies. Since they are mounted they can outpace even the fastest of infantry charges. They do have some weaknesses though. The Northron medium cavalry has never had any major problems defeating Easterling war bands since their horses are faster than the Easterlings' ponies. They merely ride down Easterling cavalry units and massacre them in hand-to-hand combat. Also, units of longbowmen ensconced behind mantelets, stone walls or wooden palisades can slaughter the tribesmen with concentrated intermittent fire. Naturally, the Easterlings are absolutely useless when it comes to siege warfare apart from being able to patrol the region around the affected castle. When forced to fight in a melee situation or if pursuing retreating foes, the Easterlings will use their scimitars, which have a decided disadvantage to the average Northron broadsword.

The Mercenaries
The rest of Ermegil's army is made up of mixed units of mercenaries. These include a medium cavalry unit composed of Northrons, a medium infantry unit and an elite heavy infantry unit. These professional troops are the most loyal and best paid and therefore stay close to Ermegil in battle. Ermegil trusts no one, but he trusts these men the most since they do not have their own leaders to follow, as opposed to the Easterlings and Dunlendings or even the Hillmen back home.

Character Stats
Name # lvl Hits AT DB Sh Gr 1stOB 2ndOB 3rdOB MM Notes
Ermegil 1 17 150 Pl/18 45 N A/L 180ba 80ha 70sb 15 Lsr. Dunadan Warrior
+15 battle axe, "Iron Cleaver", secondary Impact crit of equal severity;
+10 throwing axes (3);
+10 Half-plate armor, encumbers at half normal penalties, stops 1 point of bleeding per wound, bestows 10' Nightvision, upon command of Witch-king will constrict and suffocate Ermegil; Amulet of Sound Thought, +20 to all RR's, DB, memory and drunkenness checks, +40 vrs. Mental attacks from evil spell casters, when in combat with Trolls first three criticals will be "Holy", when in combat with Undead first three criticals will be "Slaying";
Boots, negates all fumbles involving wearers feet, Stonewalking 3x/day;
Cloak, halves the effect of chill and cold; carries an assortment of herbs, including several poisons and several doses of Sha;
King of Rhudaur, also known as the "Usurper".
Espheme 1 12 130 Ch/16 55 Y A/L 125sc 120ml 115cp 10 Easterling Warrior
+15 scimitar, doubles bleeding/rd., +50 to initiative; +10 Chain armor, encumbers as RL/10; +10 shield, +10 composite bow, reloads at half normal rate; +20 dagger, coated with 10 lvl fatal poison; Helm, gives wearer 270 degree peripheral vision, protects eyes from intense light and smoke, give wearer vision equal to that of an eagle;
Warden of Rhudaur; Lord of Mercenaries; Has post because, due to his easterling heritage, he is not a threat to Ermegil's position; answers only to Ermegil
Maschbram 1 13 93 SL/6 35 N A 110ss 75da - 10 Dunlending Rogue
+15 flaming dunadan shortsword, gives Heat crit of one less severity; +15 Soft leather armor, protects against cold and rain, hidden pockets (-70 to see) contain 10th lvl poisons; Ring, +10 to all RR's, DB and Perception, +50 to perceive poisons, runes and magical traps, Fireball 3x/day at +20, allows breathing in up to 4th lvl poisonous gasses; Brooch, x2 Essence PP adder, Nightvision 3x/day;
Knows the Rune Mastery, Essence Hand, Unbarring Ways, and Physical Enhancement spell lists to 5th lvl; PP-26;
First councillor to King Ermegil; answers only to Ermegil
Belechor 1 9 87 Ch/13 35 Y N 85ma 60sb - 0 Aged Easterling warrior
+15 broadsword, detects Orcs and Trolls 100'; +5 equipment; Boots, Stonerunning 3x/day; Saddle, adds one speed level to horse it is saddled upon; Cloak, Hues 3x/day;
Leader of mercenary infantry; Secret agent for king of Arthedain; An older, highly skilled tactician and leader, he frequently councils the king and is privy to most classified information; Cloak, Boots and Saddle provided by superiors in Arthedain should Belechor ever need to escape from Rhudaur in a hurry; answers to Espheme
Morvath 1 10 125 Pl/18 30 N A/L 125tw-hs 110lcb 85da 10 Lsr. Dunadan warrior
+20 two-handed sword, Airwall 2x/day; +15 Plate armor; +10 light crossbow; +10 bolts (20); Helm, +10 to DB;
Leader of Trererath; not trusted by Ermegil; answers to Espheme
Trojic Havel 1 11 123 Ch/14 50 Y A/L 120sc 115ml 110ja 15 Easterling warrior
+15 scimitar, delivers Cold crit of two levels less severity, protects user from all natural cold; +10 equipment; +15 javelins (3), doubles throwing range; Boots, +25 to Riding skill;
Leader of easterling cavalry contingent; answers to Espheme
Suluthain 1 9 120 Ch/15 55 Y A/L 115bs 110ml 100cp 10 Northron warrior
+15 broadsword; +10 equipment; +15 shield, Deflections 1x/day; Belt, +5 to DB and RR's;
Leader of northron cavalry; answers to Espheme
Vesserac 1 12 70 SL/5 25 N N 60qs 50da - 15 Estaravi Evil Mage
+15 Staff, hits as mace, x3 PP adder, Cold Ball 1x/day; Robes, black, +10 DB, protect as SL/5; Amulet, +3 PP adder, Dispel Essence Sphere I 2x/day; Ring, Long Ear I and Long Eye I each 3x/day; +15 dagger, Slays Elves, casts Darkvision 2x/day; PP-72; DS-90; BS- +24;
Knows all Evil Magician Base spell lists, 4 Magician Base spell lists, 3 Closed Essence spell lists and 3 Open Essence spell lists;
Angmarean emissary; sent to watch and council King Ermegil; Has a Crebain familiar "Kraken" which can spy for him.
Hakknash 1 11 120 Ch/16 45 Y A/L 130wh 100sb 80da 10 Uruk Warrior
+15 war hammer, makes sound of thunderclap when striking metal armor, delivers secondary Impact crit; +10 equipment; Charm, +10 to all RR's;
Warlord of orcish tribes in Rhudaur, annexed several small orcish tribes through force, answers to Ermegil...sometimes

Master Military Table
Name # lvl Hits AT DB Sh Gr 1stOB 2ndOB 3rdOB MM Notes
The Dunlendings
Tribal Chieftain 5 9 120 Ch/14 40 Y A 120bs 105ja 90sb 10
+5 equipment; each leads a different tribe
Bodyguard 50 5 90 Ch/14 35 Y A 95bs 90ja - 5
Protect the 5 tribal chieftains
Experienced warrior 200 4 75 RL/10 30 Y A 80ha 70ja - 5
Average warrior 500 2 45 SL/8 30 Y N 45sp 30ja - 5
Green warrior 1,400 1 35 SL/6 25 Y N 35sp 20ja - 5 Used primarily for menial labor
The Easterlings
Headman 6 8 110 Ch/13 35 Y N 115sc 100ml 90sb 10
+5 equipment; serve under Trojic Havel in a variety of positions
Bodyguard 20 6 90 Ch/13 30 Y N 100sc 85ml 70sb 5
Protect Trojic Havel and the other headmen
Elite rider 25 5 80 SL/5 35 Y N 90sc 80ml 65sb 15
Lead reconnaissance patrols around Harnalda
Average rider 500 2 45 No/1 35 Y N 55ml 35sb 30ja 15
The Mercenaries
Trererath sergeant 6 6 90 Pl/18 10 N N 90tw-hs 60lcb - 10
Trererath 48 5 80 Ch/14 15 N N 80tw-hs 50lcb - 20
Northron cavalry officer 15 6 85 Ch/14 35 Y L 85bs 70ml 55sb 10
Lead patrols and missions around Harnalda
Northron cavalry 150 3 60 RL/9 30 Y N 60bs 50ml 30sb 5
Medium infantry officer 10 6 85 Ch/14 35 Y A/L 90bs 65sb 50da 5
Medium infantry 200 3 55 Ch/13 30 Y N 60ss 40sb - 0
Used to guard important posts
Royal Bodyguard 20 7 100 Ch/16 35 Y A/L 105bs 100ml 95lcb 5 Mixed warriors
+5 equipment; highly paid mercenaries, follow the king wherever he goes
Support personnel 30 2 30 No/1 5 N N 30we 20da - 5 Mixed scouts
Smiths, Tanners, Quartermasters, Cooks, etc.
Angmarean engineer 10 4 55 SL/7 10 N A 60ss 50lcb - 5 mixed rogues
+5 equipment; on loan from Witch-king; command a great amount of respect
Non-combatant slave 100 1 20 No/1 5 N N 20cl 10cl - 0 mixed rogues
Mostly dunnish jerls or debt-slaves, some women
Orcish scout leader 1 4 75 Ch/13 30 Y A 75sc 60sb 40ha 5 Orcish warrior
Orcish scouts 4 2 45 RL/10 25 Y A 50sc 40sb 30da 5 Orcish warrior
Hillmen leader 1 4 80 SL/6 15 N N 75sp 55ja - 10 Hillman ranger
Hillmen raiders 5-10 3 56 SL/6 10 N N 55sp 45ja - 10 Hillman ranger