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Volume II

Lowell R. Matthews, Editor and Curator
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Greetings, Rolemaster aficionados! Welcome to the second installment in a series of articles detailing new creatures for the RM2/RMSS bestiary. In this installment we present three little nasties from the Great Beyond and the wonderfully warped imaginations of Terry Hayes and Dave Sisler.


BRAIN NIGHTMARES - by Terry Hayes and Dave Sisler

Brain Killers: (-)-EK§#-7; Type III Entity; stand 4', 5' tall when fully extended.

Bydarkin: (-)-EK§#-6; 6"; Type I Entity; immune to elemental criticals except Impact.

Id Devourers: (-)-EK§#-7; Type III Entity; 1', winged.

After downing four Goblins, Leagry Ironduf the Dwarf managed to find some proper leathers to wear, and covered his almost naked body. The other four members of the band had a hard time stifling a chuckle. The group thought the fighting prowess of the some sixteen Goblins they had encountered so far, and who were leading them into this large old keep, a bit odd. The keep itself was reputed to have, over a hundred years ago, once housed a great spell-caster, but now it was long abandoned - or so it was believed. The group came upon an oaken door, and after Thorin, the group’s Halfling locksmith, said it was clear, they entered.

All sorts of vials filled with liquids and gases in various colors and various other concoctions lay scattered about on tables and shelves. Suddenly, Thalk-chiv the Priest of Tisla asked, "What in all Terrania is that!?" Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a small creature floating in the air. It looked like a human brain - with a beak and small tentacles dangling below it.

Swiftly, two "brains" that had been lying on a shelf behind Thalk-chiv rose up on strange legs which unfolded underneath them, and they jumped on the him. Thalk-chiv shrieked with pain as he said, "Get the dang creatures off me - they're stinging me to death!" Then the "floating brain" creature came down upon the frightened Priest. Shaleece the Mage quick-cast a Firebolt and struck the floating creature dead-on, but did not seem to faze it one bit. Then the tentacles struck the Priest and he collapsed to the ground, convulsing; he fell on one of the brain creatures attacking him and wounded it. Thorin quickly loosed a throwing dagger into the wounded "brain," hurting it yet more.

Shaleece screamed out in pain and fell to the ground, convulsing. Above her was a small bat-winged creature with large black eyes, three tentacles where its mouth should have been, and a worm-like body behind the head. Angric, Champion of Trael, charged the winged creature, yelling, "May Trael embed my blade with the strength of his hand and smite you, foul creature of the dark depths!" He sliced it cleanly in two. Nearby, Leagry the Dwarf smacked the other "brain" with the flat of his axe, knocking it hard against the wall, where it slid down unmoving. Then the "floating brain" came down upon him, and stunned him with its tentacles. The remaining wounded "brain" leaped towards Thorin, but in mid-leap met Angric’s blade.

After a few minutes of battle, the heroes had won - but at a price. Thalk-chiv the Priest was in a coma, it seemed, and no one knew for how long. It was time to rest. Thorin thought he might have procured a Scroll of Awakening somewhere, and searched for it. Leagry snorted, closed the door, and stood guard. Although a bit bruised and shaken, Shaleece could not hold herself back from the curiosities laying about this alchemical laboratory. The more practical Angric healed his own small bruises and as much of his friend Thalk-chiv's injuries as he could.

Brain Killers are thought by scholars to be related to the Elder Worms, but this is not definite. These creatures appear to be human brains when curled up; uncurled, they reveal their claws, fangs, and stinging tails. Their skin is a pale gray color and is very soft and vulnerable. When these creatures attack, they literally go for the brains of their intended victims. Their stings leave behind a powerful neurotoxin that destroys the target's brain for later devouring, while their bites contain the neurotoxin in less potent form as represented by the Mental and Shock criticals they deliver, respectively.

Bydarkin are Agothu servants and act as messengers for the Older Ones. These creatures are six inches long and appear to be light green human brains - with small beaks and several tentacles dangling below the body. They float around using an innate power of magical or telekinetic flight. They attack with their tiny tentacles; their touch delivers a powerful shock represented by an "E" Shock critical. These creatures have been found in all parts the world. They are immune to all elemental criticals except Impact.

Id Devourers are small bat-winged parasites measuring about a foot in length. They have two large, bulbous black eyes, three small tentacles where their mouths should be, and worm-like bodies behind their heads. Two claw-like appendages extend out of their bodies close to their heads. These creatures are related to Brain Killers, and like them their favorite food is brains. The claws of these horrid beasts are coated with a dangerous venom, a level 6 (var. C) neurotoxin. If the victim fails his RR the effect is a roll on the Brain Damage Chart. The touch of these creatures’ tentacles can also cause brain damage as represented by a Mental critical, all in preparation for the creatures’ feast.



Base Rate Max Pace/ MN Bonus Speed MS/AQ Size/Crit Hits AT(DB) # Enc. Trea-sure Bonus EP Outlook (IQ)

Brain Killer







2 (20)




Hungry (EX)


ATTACKS: 40 SCl/35 SBi [Shock]/40 SSt [Mental]



20 Fly





4 (80)



Normal (MD)


ATTACKS: 30 TGr ["E" Shock]

Id Devourers


60 Fly





3 (40)



Hungry (LO)


ATTACKS: 65 SGr [Mental]/60 SCl/Poison.

Notes on Conversion to RMSS/RMFRP: The main changes to make here other than the usual 10-20% increases to hits and OB are in the mechanics of the creatures' extra criticals. The GM should substitute an appropriate critical or poison result as he sees fit.

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