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Blade of Vengeance Weapon Style

Copyright Glen E Terry, 2000

A Basic Weapons Style

Weapon Style abilities (Core):

Weapon skill –5pts (User must choose either Kusari-Gama, Kama, or Dagger at purchase)

Additional Unarmed Attack (rank 2 max) –15 pts

Lesser Adrenal Defense –10pts

Recommended Skills:

Weapon skill, Disarm Foe (armed), Blind Fighting, Reverse Stroke and Dance.

Description: This is actually three separate Weapon Styles (kusari-gama of Vengeance, Kama of Vengeance and Dagger of Vengeance) that the Nightblade clans developed for their ongoing mission. This art is based around the NightFist Martial arts style, which will allow the user to make Nerve Strike and holding attacks while attacking with their weapon. This art is very fluid and is thrilling and beautiful to watch, which has lead to it being referred to as "The Blade Dance". Many of its practitioners make a living as Martial Arts Opera Performers or Martial Arts Street Performers. Some Martial artists believe that this art is based on a fusion of Capoiera and Praying Mantis Martial Arts styles, but whatever the source, the Nightblade Clans are closed mouthed about its origins.

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