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Words From the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Introducing our themed issue on points-based role-playing games, plus a miscellany of industry news and webzine announcements.


Familiar Territory (Part 2) - Suzanne Campbell
Return to the World of Laernon in the second part of our three-part tale, wherein Raven and her companions are drawn into a bargain that might well cost them their sanity, if not their lives! Warning: This episode contains some adult content.

Quenta Roqueni, Book One, Chapters 15 to 16 - Vincent Roiron and Lowell R. Matthews
A continuing tale of Middle Earth wherein the thief is captured and others are ensnared.


Getting the Point - Sean M Punch
Sean Punch, aka Dr Kromm and GURPS Line Editor, explains why points-based systems are the RPGs of tomorrow

Why Points? - Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson, codeveloper of 7th Sea, explores how points-based systems give all your characters more screen time

Other Worlds

Gods of Mythosa : Alyara - Bruce A Gulke
Alyara is the goddess of light, love and healing in the world of Mythosa. A fully fleshed out fantasy religion with statistics for AD&D

Press Release

Press Release: Living Room Games to Publish Earthdawn - Living Room Games


Review: Spacedogs - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Space opera at its very best. An adventure module for all Traveller editions

Review: The Khiidkar Incident - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Intrigue, romance and action in the Imperium. An adventure module for all Traveller editions


The Knights Nocturnal - Stephen Churchill
An Order of Paladins who serve Reann, Shadow World's Lord of Night and of Dreams


Blade of Vengeance Style - Glen E Terry
A weapons style for the Arachnin Nightblades and other Assassins

NightFist Style - Glen E Terry
A martial arts style for the Arachnin Nightblades and other masters of stealth

The Merchant's Wares, Part III - C.L. Yona
A third selection of potent and interesting magical items for those most well guarded treasure hoards

Training Packages for Fantasy Espionage - Eran Ben-Sa'ar (WickedBar)
Combine espionage and fantasy to create truly magical spy thrillers with this selection of training packages


Software Review: NetMECCG - Chad Martin
NetMECCG, the computer-based version of MECCG, goes from strength to strength

Software Review: The Creature Library - Rebecca Downey
Freeware software to store an entire bestiary of monsters and beings, customizable to any RPG

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