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The Knights Nocturnal

Copyright Stephen "The Harlequin" Churchill 2000

Edited by Lowell R. Matthews for The Guild Companion

Copyright 2000

1. History/Origins:

The Chapter of the Knights Nocturnal is composed of Paladins dedicated to the god Reann, Lord of the Night and Lord of Dreams. Its members, often skilled trackers, are always cunning warriors. Unlike most other Chapters of Paladins, the Knights Nocturnal do not believe in following the letter of the law, but aim to follow its spirit. As such, they are not averse to using subterfuge and other tactics that the other Chapters and knightly orders would consider dishonourable or cowardly. (They also use the Ranger's skill costs rather than the Paladin's.) The Knights Nocturnal recruit many of their members from Ranger or hunter candidates who enter Paladin training. Due to their recruitment policies, fewer Knights Nocturnal come from the aristocracy than do members of many of the other Chapters.

The Knights Nocturnal Chapter works to keep pilgrims and allies safe from nocturnal raiders and predators. They also hunt down beings who create nightmares, such as Dream Lords (from the RM2 RC3) and certain monsters. Upon initiation, a Knight gains night-sight equal to that of an owl. Although they are notorious for being less comfortable during the day (at -10 to all activities in bright daylight; an overcast day or a moderately lighted room does not count as such), these Knights are both respected yet feared by ordinary people. Most candidates are accepted as Knights at around level 4-5, and are usually then sent to join a unit of around a dozen Knights led by a more senior one to patrol pilgrimage routes or other targeted sites. Some of the most adept new recruits are sent on quests with either other Knights Nocturnal or companions. Most senior Knights Nocturnal successfully completed quests and are therefore around level 10.

On formal occasions and within their monasteries, Chapter members wear black tabards emblazoned on chest and back with a silver crowned unicorn head surrounded by seven silver stars. (Editor's note: A more formal blazon: "Sable, an unicorn's head couped and crowned, between seven mullets in annulet, all argent." The type of crown is not specified.) The arms and armour of Knights Nocturnal vary widely, especially compared to that of their brother Knights, but it usually consists of at least mail, a sword, and a missile weapon of some sort. All such Knights wear a heavy unicorn necklace as a holy symbol, although it is often hidden under clothes or armour when not actively used.

2. Spell Lists:

2.1. Base

2.1.1. Guardian's Ways*2.1.2. Exorcisms2.1.3. Holy Shields
2.1.4. Communion2.1.5. Holy Healing2.1.6. Path Mastery

* Versus nocturnal foes, including Goblins and their kin, most Undead, some Demons, some Dream Lords, etc. (GM's discretion).

2.2. Open

2.2.1. Inspiring Ways 2.2.2. Nature's Guises2.2.3. Nature's Way
2.2.4. Holy Arms 2.2.5. Nature's Summons 2.2.6. Light's Way

The other Open Channeling lists are generally not available to Knights Nocturnal.

Editor's Note

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