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The NightFist Style

Copyright Glen E Terry, 2000

An Advanced Martial Arts Style

The Nightblades developed this fighting style to protect their numbers from the harsh world while they pursue their desire to rid the world of the unlife menace. They jealously protect this secret art, so that the minions of unlife will remain vulnerable to it. Some of the ancient sensei of this art say that its roots were developed in the slave tunnels of the Undernation while the Drow fought for their independence from the Illithids. Perhaps this is true. But wherever initiated and whatever the reason for its development, it serves the Nightblade Clans well.

Recommended skills: Martial Arts Striking, Martial Arts Sweeping, Nerve Strikes, Holds, Kama weapon skill, Dagger Weapon Skill, Kusari-gama Weapon Skill, Stalk, Hide, Ambush, Two weapon Combo

Martial Arts Abilities [Core]: Greater Adrenal Defense (20 points), Degree 4 Nerve Strikes, Degree 4 Holds, Degree 2 Martial Arts Striking, Degree 1 Martial Arts Sweeps, Dagger Kata, Kusari-Gama Kata, Kama Kata, Paired Weapons Kata

Special Abilities:

Fist Of Sleep:

Sometimes the targets of the Nightblades have guards who are not deserving of death. By employing the Fist of Sleep technique, the Nightblade can avoid killing. On a Successful Martial Arts or Nerve Strike attack, the Nightblade may trade 5 hits for 1 round of stun and each critical level for 2 rounds of stun.

Hammer Of Night:

In fighting the forces of unlife, skeletons are more easily harmed by bludgeoning weapons. With this technique, the stylist can use his kata weapons to inflict bludgeoning damage by twisting the blade at the last second, replacing Pierce criticals with Krush criticals and Slash criticals with Unbalancing criticals.

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