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The Khiidkar Incident

Reviewed by Nicholas HM Caldwell, Copyright 2000

The Khiidkar Incident is a 36-page A5-sized "adventure", written by Martin Dougherty and Neil Frier, and published by BITS (British Isles Traveller Support). The Khiidkar Incident is designed for use with Marc Miller's Traveller (T4) and GURPS Traveller (GT), but can be readily adapted to the earlier editions of the Traveller role-playing game, and with more legwork to other game systems.

The Khiidkar Incident is subtitled as "A tale of noble intrigue, lost heirs, love, romance and, of course, several incidents involving swords and automatic weapons…", and is an adventure heavy on the role-playing side, spiced with enough action-adventure to satisfy all tastes.

The players are cast in the roles of members of Imperial high society and their trusted retainers. The adventure opens with the player-characters aboard a starship patrolling the space lanes for pirates. They receive a distress call from a liner which is under attack by a ship under the command of the notorious "Captain Swing", the leader of the terrorist Khiidkar Freedom Front. The raiders are pursued and battle is joined. Assuming the Imperials are victorious, they can return to Khiidkar with the spoils of war to be welcomed as heroes. In recognition of their success, the Marquis of Khiidkar will invite them to join him on a private trip to his personal hunting preserves. Opportunities for socializing, romance, bravery, sabotage and treachery will follow in swift succession as the Khiidkar Freedom Front exact their revenge.

The complete adventure is divided into seven scenarios, each consisting of a number of "nuggets" of story and system material. As a further aid to referees, descriptive text is provided for scene setting.

Six pre-generated characters are supplied, ranging from the noble Count Julian Talaton to chief of security Major Kathrine Irishii to Captain Duran Harshii (naval intelligence). Each has complete statistics in both T4 and GT formats, background, and objectives. All are interesting and well-balanced characters. The major NPCs are presented with a similar level of detail. As the adventure is very heavily character-driven, the given characters should be used if possible. If not, the referee will need to make significant changes to the NPCs and/or the adventure in order to fit the actual characters of the players into a story usable within his/her own game.

The Khiidkar Incident also includes various maps of locations of interest planet-side and starship deck plans, as well as a couple of pages of "library data" on the world of Khiidkar.

I would recommend The Khiidkar Incident as a good adventure to run at a tournament or other one-of event. It would also be suitable for introducing players to a new edition of Traveller, before embarking on a full campaign with player-designed characters. With some effort, it could be converted to use alternative game mechanics. Despite the heavy plot ties to the given characters, The Khiidkar Incident is still a fine science-fiction module.

Editor's Note

The Khiidkar Incident is published by British Isles Traveller Support (BITS). Their contact details are as follows:
PO Box 4222,
CM21 0DP
Great Britain
Email BITS@bits.org.uk
Web http://www.bits.org.uk/

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