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The Horn of Nimraug
Part I - Fire and Ice


Copyright ©1999 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, August 2000

The End...?

The Mulkan Kaupunki are relieved to have the Horn of Nimraug returned. They wish to return the remaining palantíri (Amon Sűl) to a safe place in their keeping, as they consider that the item belongs to them.

If Alaric is still alive he reveals to the PCs his true mission, on behalf of Gandalf. He approves of the Mulkan keeping the remaining palantíri, reasoning that it would be too risky to attempt the long journey south with such a heavy item when it could fall into the hands of the Enemy. However, Alaric would like the PCs to help him chase after the other palantíri taken by Kylmyyskala. He promises that if the glory of the Free Peoples is not reward enough, then reward in coin for the return of such an item to the Rangers of the North would be beyond the riches of a King!

The Mulkan invite the PCs along to a semi-religious ceremony to place the palantíri into safekeeping. That night the Mulkan take the palantíri far out onto the ice, where a large fire is built and then lit around the palantíri. If Alaric has died then his body will also join the palantíri under the pyre. Everyone is then led several hundred yards away. After an hour or so there is a huge crash as the melted ice gives way crashing the palantíri through the ice and into the depths below. Any of the Verinen Metsästäjät who have been captured now have their throats slit and are left on the ice. The PCs may be shocked at this harsh treatment, but the Mulkan live in a world or Life and Death, they have little space for prisoners or vengeful enemies in their world.

Kylmyyskala now heads for her superior, The Watcher of Carn Dűm! And the PCs may well be following in her tracks

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