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The Horn of Nimraug
Part I - Fire and Ice

NPC and Military Stats

Copyright ©1999 Craig Pay
Edited for The Guild Companion by Joe Mandala, August 2000

Character Stats

Alaric1860No/30NN63qs spells15Peredhil Bard
Ynarri1474RL/1025YN63bs43xb0Dunlending Scout
Lumijalat1976SL/510NN101sp82lb10Lossoth Ranger
Koiramies18114SL/615N110sp91lb5Lossoth Warrior
Unipyydystaya1644SL/55N40sp40lb0Lossoth Animist
Kylmyyskala1960No25N10daspells15Lossoth Mage (evil)
Riimulaulaja1749SL/55N45touch65tk15Lossoth Animist
Rautakasi1699RL/1240Y93ms73lb5Lossoth Warrior

Creature Stats

Nimraug130HFA450PL/18 55110Hbi, 110HCl, 110Hba, 90IceBrthIcedrake
Dīndae110MBF35NO/Sp 6055MCl, specialWraith/demon

Master Military Table

Mulkan Hunters35247SL/60NN46sp 1/2 use 26lb5Lossoth Warriors
Ver.Met. Hunters50360RL/105NN59sp30 use 34lb0Lossoth Warriors

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