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Priest Base Spell List

Copyright Jeremy Friesen and Pete Tichenor, 2000

Edited by R.C. Kirkland for The Guild Companion

1. Speed Reading: Caster can read at ten times the normal rate (resulting in 10 pages per minute while this spell is active).

2. Educated Guess: When faced with a choice about which the caster has little or no information, the caster may cast this spell and the Gamemaster will determine which choice biasing the favorable by 25%.

3. Know Place: The caster knows one place for the purposes of Dimensional Folding spells on this list. The caster can only "Know" one location per level of experience.

4. Awaken: Caster is instantly awake.

5. Recall: Allows the caster to access his memory as if he had total recall. Any maneuver involving Memory receives a special bonus of +25.

6. Dominance: The caster receives a +15 RR versus subtype 'm' spells.

7. Observation: Caster gains insights or facts by observing a person or thing with intense concentration. Gives the caster a +50 modification to an appropriate Awareness maneuver.

8. Mind Blank: The caster's psyche retreats and is not accessible. The caster remains immobile unaware of anything that is transpiring around him. The caster may set an exact time that his psyche returns. The caster's presence can still be detected, it is just not accessible.

9. Sollipsism: The caster creates an illusion that he believes is real and affects all of the caster’s senses (a cool breeze, a staircase, etc.). This illusion cannot displace any solid material or else the spell fails. The illusion thus created follows the standard illusion rules as outlined in Spell Law. Anyone that wishes to believe in the Sollipsism must fail a RR to believe in it as the caster does. The Sollipsism must be contained in the area of effect but otherwise may move freely in this area of effect.

10. Correlations: Caster is able to correlate known facts to obtain conclusions. Any maneuver involving Reasoning receives a special +25 bonus.

11. Memory's Path: Caster can remember an exact route he is travelling; whether or not he was without one or more of his senses (e.g. a caster could remember a trip even if he had been blindfolded).

12. Speed Reading True: As Speed Reading, except the caster can read as fast as he can glance at a page (roughly 100 pages per round).

13. Dominance True: The caster receives a +30 RR versus subtype 'm' spells.

14. Unpresence: The caster appears to have no presence (i.e. he cannot be detected by Presence spells).

15. Dimensional Fold: The caster opens a gate within 10' of somewhere that the caster "knows" and is within range of the spell. The gate will remain open for one round. Travel through the gate is two directional 16.

16. Recall True: As Recall, except the bonus is +50.

17. Greater Mind Blank: As Mind Blank, except the caster can make an Alertness static maneuver at -10 to end this spell.

18. Observation True: As Observation, except the bonus is +50.

19. Sollipsism True: As Sollipsism, except for area of effect and duration. In addition the Sollipsism may move as long as it remains within range of the caster.

20. Correlations True: As Correlations, except the bonus is +50.

25. Mind Blank True: As Greater Mind Blank, except the caster can make an Alertness static maneuver at +50 to end this spell.

30. Dimensional Fold True: As Dimensional Fold, except for the increased area of effect, duration, and the "known" location can be anywhere within the same plane.

50. Mirror Mind: Caster reflects all subtype 'm' spells back on the caster who must then make a RR against his own spell.


Special Notes

@ - Denotes this spell can be cast without expending power points.

Editor's Note

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